Monday, July 23, 2007

What makes a man a man

Marc Almond @ Shepherds Bush Empire 9 July 2007

Many years ago, one of my relatives has expressed her deepest concern for my appreciation of men who wear make-up or men who were very camp. This was the comment after she watched the MV A Lover Spurned of Marc Almond and i said how a fan i was. Of course she knew my appreciation of bowie, robert smith, moz and brett anderson, all were not very normal in the eyes of the locals. My taste has not changed much but I did not keep loyalty to Mr Almond for all these years. Mother Fist was excellent but later Fantastic Star - not like it, Tenement Symphony - a bit overrated, Open All Night and Stranger Things - even haven't got them (i know i should). My favourites remain to the age-old The Star We Are and Absinthe. The new album Stardom Road - very 70's and 80's cabaret-feel, old-fashioned and camp, no surprise Mr Almond wins my heart again.

The very night was Mr Almond's 50th birthday so the atmosphere was a bit sentimental, flowers and birthday song from the crowd, all made our lady shed a few tears, he even went to cry when talked about gene pitney. Heavy make-up with a tiny belly, he was right, he 'give you all a boy could give you' - how time flies, how cruel time is. Opened by Stardom Road, we then also went through each period of the stardom road of Mr Almond, Tears Run Rings, Jackie, The Days Of Pearly Spencer, What Makes A Man A Man, Heart On Snow and ended with the karaoke of Tainted Love and Say Hello And Wave Goodbye. A glorious return.

marc almond @ sheperd's bush empire 09.07.07
things became sentimental


galaxy said...

認識MA的歌沿自他的大碟(那時我還未有CD player, 聽帶咋), 跟住追聽翻soft cell的歌, 佢曾被邀請在英女皇前唱歌。

你右邊的slide show內的Abbey Road是不是Beatles 某大碟封面的那條街 ? 有否去Beatles當年那間的studio ?

kittyshambles said...

i think most of us get into MA by the song Something Gotten Hold of My Heart and get back to all his back catalogue, right? Ha, i don't know the Queen was so open-minded to listen to MA.

Yes, the Abbey Road in my slide show is that of the Beatles' Abbey Road, the studio is exactly situated in that road but of course i did not allow to go into it. I took many pictures of crossing the road like the Fab Four and obstructed the traffic.

galaxy said...

咁就post那些相睇睇啦, 我每次去倫敦都想去睇, 但次次都沒有專登走去睇, 情形如很想去睇Beatles發原地那間pub, 但又唔會因為此原因特登去Liverpool, Kitty, 你已經做左好多人一直想做,但又沒有實行0既野, 所以你該為自己開心。

kittyshambles said...

thank you for your kind words. Ha, post相? 等我check吓我自己在相中見唔見得人先,費時嚇到你。

yeah,我就是因The Beatles的原故而在n年前專誠去Liverpool,好值得去呀,有Strawberry Field, Penny Lane, paul, john and george 兒時居所,Cavern Pub更要去,有beatles poster派,當地人非常可愛,如有更多的假期及錢, 我一定再去探訪

galaxy said...

打格仔咪得囉, 我地睇景唔睇人, 哈哈哈哈哈。
放心啦, 你個樣已在你以前的POST見過喇, 只會驚為天人, 唔會嚇親人。