Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I don't care if Monday blue if Robert Smith is around

The Cure @ Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong 30.07.07

Still humming the songs of the cure!!!

Yeah! i've never expected i could have a chance to see their live, but I DID Have (see i'm still very high!). Was a bit late for the show (who would expect a show of a western band would begin at 8:15pm?) so when i entered the venue, Fascination Street was playing (oh no!!! Disintergration is my most favourite cure's album, can't forgive myself for missing any song of that album!!!) Used '7"99 sec to rush to the crowd, thought that i could enjoy the show then, but the security staff kept forbidding me from taking picture, phew!

I think the whole The Cure must be over 50 but they're still very much on top form, 3 hours non-stop played and sang (and didn't need to go to toilet though drinking beers continuously), some dickheads said they have passed their peak, missed a few beats, no keyboard caused fatality... fuck them! If they look for perfect tune then go home and listen to the albums instead. Don't ever go to see any live performance. I think their live was exciting and excellent, moments of flickering light with their music i really felt like i was under the influence of some chemical (or natural) substance, and that was great!

The Cure live @ Asia-World Expo Hong Kong
precious moment, intoxicated by music

robert & simon
all great band must be built on great friendship

robert smith
oh what if i was really dizzy, i always saw robert smiled and looked at me sometimes


galaxy said...

場地有沒有設企位 ?

kittyshambles said...

stand at the front, seat at the back. yes, he always messed his hair up to ensure it would remain messy, this is his trademark.

secret admirer said...

"i always saw robert smiled and looked at me sometimes" 醒未呀? 發夢冇咁早呀..... hahahaha!!

kittyshambles said...


secret admirer said...

就係明白你,先叫醒你咋.... 如果唔係.... 話之你啦.... hahah!!