Thursday, November 21, 2013

There's a little piece of land I aspire

I was the yearning eyes in the shadow. I was the shadow. I hid in the dark, collecting pieces of your dreams. You were oblivious (because you are not of this world), chanting your spell (both you and the crowd indulged in madness), sometimes sad (but always playful). I was the outsider of your town, or of everywhere (maybe I am also not of this world). But I like to see you. You are that fading dream. Half forgotten. Still shimmer on the horizon. Maybe I am collecting ruins. Guffaw of the last decade. Time has left traces to you. But time has not changed you.

Mr. Doherty, looked happy.

Babyshambles @ O2 Academy Birmingham 14.10.13
Babyshambles @ O2 Academy, Birmingham 14.10.13

  Babyshambles @ 02 Academy Leicester 15.10.13
Babyshambles @ 02 Academy, Leicester 15.10.2013

Babyshambles @ The Junction Cambridge 17.10.13
Babyshambles @ The Junction, Cambridge 17.10.13