Monday, May 09, 2016


Why Isayama Hajime must tear the lovers apart? :'(

For an enthusiastic eruri supporter like me, i feel a sudden disruption to my joy of imagination.

and, if Heichou turns himself to a Kyojin, he will no longer be the strongest "humanity" in the world, no no no, i can't accept this.  but if he doesn't turn himself to be a Kyojin, he seems he can't even survive, no no no!!!!

and, if Heichou really becomes a Kyojin, the manga will then match with the movie version,  hummm.. then heichou will become bad and be defeated by Eren?  NO NO NO!!!

Why Sui Ishida again and again torture the tender Ken Kaneki?  How many metamorphosis will he have to take?  Destroyed and rebuilt, then looks for death as the final solution to all problems, Kaneki runs in circle.

and, Tokyo Ghoul + Tokyo Ghoul re: = manga enunciation of kafka.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

hello myself

Foals will come to Hong Kong, great, i need that kind of explosive performance, explosive music, for now, lukewarm i am, that's what i feel for a while.  (maybe that is what it's called - aging!!! sigh sigh sigh) So i haven't login here for a while, not much to say in all common social media, no longer upload any photos to flickr or even ig.

of course i want to see sigur ros again, i'm surprised that they seem to like my hometown, if they'll come, that'll be their third time to be here, haha, don't turn into suede.  My hometown will look down to the act which comes here too frequent, humm... my hometown suffers from very low self-esteem and believes that only the obsolete will come here.

I still love suede dearly.  night thought will definitely be my top-three this year.

so i want to go to summer sonic, but i so lack of money, promised my brother's daughter to bring her to japan next week once she finishes the dse, (and actually i want to go to usj again) and then go nippon again in august?

seldom talk to myself here, feel good to do so, just like that of g+, good place for gibbering.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All's well that ends well

It's coming back to me!  

My wallet.  Dropped it in a van, never have much faith in human nature, especially the people of my own hometown, but .... I got a call from a kind Filipino woman, she picked it up and called me to get it back!!!  Yes, she's definitely an angel and, my useless name cards that I made for myself ages ago finally have its real function, haha.

Monday, February 01, 2016

keep walking

Don't tap against my window,
don't listen at my wall,
don't ask for information,
as the answer's always no.

Collect me from the station,
the blank departure board.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

They weren't meant for anyone but me

Lovers rise and fall and fall and rise again 

... and me just fall and fall and fall in love with this album, obviously I will blindly praise and love everything they do, so long as they are back together.  The sea was always rough, albion route was never a peaceful one.  While they are on board, i avariciously consume what they offer.   Have they lost their magic?  For me, the magic is always there.  I don't actually want to review or analyse this album cos' love needs no reason ("It means nothing at all, just for now we have all the time.") First time I heard Milkman's Horse, I was on the train (my usual music session), I was just "are you talking about me?" I need to hold back my tears and not to embarrass myself in the crowed compartment. For all those years running with the boys, the faces I met (and some go missing ...), the insanity committed, the bliss bestowed, sometimes poignant, sometimes elated,  and always, always the vision of that far beyond horizon, Arcadia? Shangri-la?  The Graceland and the Wasteland. These are indeed the impossible dreams they come for me. I, who caught the spell many years ago, still have nowhere on my way, still need to live in my mind and live in that dream.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Poem of farewell

If this world is evil, we are all part of the evil, but I only want to remember your good.

Finally finished the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.  Of course the manga is much better than the anime.   The anime was intended to be a recreation of the manga but sadly in a mess-up manner.  However, I do like the last chapter of √A, maybe it finally adopted a very melancholic tone like the manga. The last chapter was also a reconfirmation of the death of Hide (as we the manga readers always wanted to believe that Hide was still alive [though it was very obvious that he was devoured by Kaneki], no we couldn't accept that Kaneki would eat the one who loved him most).  Though the anime deleted the whole grand and bloody battle between Kaneki and Arima, it did show that Kaneki was killed (well now we know he's just got seriously hurt) by Arima by the last bit of "click" sound - the opening of the quinques box.  I like all those subtle details.  But what I like most was Kaneki's long walk with "Unravel" again - back to the square one, is the fight futile?

(why this just made me think of my hometown?)

Monday, March 23, 2015

time to water this garden

Since Saturn begins its visit to Sagittarius this year, atmosphere has changed, maybe it's all my psychological effects, seems that I no longer have time to procrastinate in office...  but I really like to gibber here.

It's great that I deserted here for a long time that I don't have any reader now, so I can be incoherent and, yes, gibberish.

Found this a few days ago, I think it's so accurate, haha, Sagittarius, with Aquarius, are the top positive-thinking (...err, really?) dreamers, while the Aries are the most positive-thinking realists.  The most negative thinking ones are my dear Pisces and Scorpio.  It's interesting that it described Pisces as living in the other world (how apt!)  Given that my Ascendant is Scorpio, I have that most anti-social outlook with a true enthusiastic heart, oh, how I was always misunderstood by others .....

So the analysis  (by google translate :) ):
A. Realists:
Positive-thinking + Serious
1. Aries (Fight!)
2. Taurus (reliable brother / sister)
3. Capricorn (Conspirator)
Negative-thinking + Mechanical (i think it means orderly)
1. Scorpio (don't want to contact anyone)
2. Virgo (too calculating)
3. Leo (I'm the number one though I'm so nervous)

B. Dreamers :
Positive-thinking + balance
1. Aquarius (too much me, me, me)
1. Sagittarius (if I feel good, I can survive)
2. Cancer (...err, too much能天氣  i don't have a clue)
Negative-thinking + living in other space

Gemini is a bit dreamer but mostly a realist, positive-thinking and very clever (i insist it means cunning).

Libra have all the elements, philanthropist but no one really got into their heart.

And Translation means re-interpretation.

Time to off work, good to procrastinate!