Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fragility of Openness

可能只有死忠粉絲才會繼續在意吟遊詩人的自溺夢囈,詩歌形式亦方便粉 絲們解構(誤讀)。Albion航道似乎並不明媚,詩人呈現的陰暗面, 近乎懺悔告解 (是真實的Confession of a Child of the Century), 很多很多的自殘、毒品、性愛旅程, what a life on Mars! 不長老的頑童繼續逃避俗務, 在新知舊雨新歡舊愛間捉迷藏,所有的人和事,如詩人所述說般, 只是其生命的一小段歌,不作停留不被捕獲,浪蕩者只會繼續追尋其Shangri-la / acardy。

正要為詩人過著火星人般的例牌 sex ? and rock n' roll 的 rockstar lifestyle 感到納悶時,最後部份的訪問喜見澄澈的Peter, 仍舊是我喜歡的靈魂。 

Monday, June 16, 2014

That killer sulky baby

First, the face (and essentially, the blush).

Then, the isayama hairdo.

and yes, that is the "cold face, warm heart" heichou I love so much.

come walk with me sulky levi.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Persistence of Memory

"The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12th March

As usual, on this day I would like to say "Happy Birthday" to Peter Doherty.  I think I am still fond of him, though he is less prolific these days in terms of his music or literature, or maybe he is more private now.  He does not publish his every little work through internet like the old days.  He strikes me that he is more like a showman now, though I have no complaint about it.  I still love his performance and would like to attend his every show.

Happy Birthday little chubby.

But today I also got the sad news that Winifred Lai has passed away.  She was one of the most important local cultural figures to me.  I remember I was a loyal reader of her Amoeba Magazine when I was young. She did teach me a thing or two.  This year I am really sensing that my city is collapsing.   The things we're proud of, such as the rule of law, the freedom of expression, was destroyed in a large extent.  and now a member of the elite is gone.  

so today i am feeling ambivalent, blame it on the grey sky.  but i am still grateful for all those angels who have brightened up my tedious life.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

There's a little piece of land I aspire

I was the yearning eyes in the shadow. I was the shadow. I hid in the dark, collecting pieces of your dreams. You were oblivious (because you are not of this world), chanting your spell (both you and the crowd indulged in madness), sometimes sad (but always playful). I was the outsider of your town, or of everywhere (maybe I am also not of this world). But I like to see you. You are that fading dream. Half forgotten. Still shimmer on the horizon. Maybe I am collecting ruins. Guffaw of the last decade. Time has left traces to you. But time has not changed you.

Mr. Doherty, looked happy.

Babyshambles @ O2 Academy Birmingham 14.10.13
Babyshambles @ O2 Academy, Birmingham 14.10.13

  Babyshambles @ 02 Academy Leicester 15.10.13
Babyshambles @ 02 Academy, Leicester 15.10.2013

Babyshambles @ The Junction Cambridge 17.10.13
Babyshambles @ The Junction, Cambridge 17.10.13

Friday, October 18, 2013

Romance at short notice

Literally back from the dead ("find what you love, and let it kills you").

Friday, October 11, 2013

But will they love you, the way, the way I loved you?

I intended to write immediate after the gig but I was too busy with everything, I now seem to be calm down a lot, but i will try to trace back my feeling (yes, I have reached the age of numbness, my feeling is the most precious thing that I do want to record it whenever I sense it).

Suede @ AsiaWorld Expo, 29.09.2013

I lost count of the times that I went to see Suede or Mr. Anderson.  I only know that whenever he made summons, I would attend without any consideration.  A ritual? A binding? I don't know.  It's the least I can do for someone I have liking for so many years.  Yes, I admit that now I don't have the full attention to him like what I did in the past.  I have many distractions, and routines sometimes wore my passions away.  So I just loyally attended the gig, without expectation that I would be surprised, a karaoke night as what had happened 2 years ago, though I also really longed to hear the band playing their new songs. 

I wrote this prologue that is because it was an unusual night.  Maybe the new album did inject a new energy to the band. Maybe we the fans suddenly remembered our long forgotten love.  It's like old lovers falling in love again. We sang out loud the old songs as well as the new songs.  The first song of night "Faultlines" already predicted it all, ".... Celebrate, there is no fear now, there is no fear now for us to feel."  And of course, we felt so young again.


Brett Anderson
How can I not utter any words of worship to Mr. Anderson?  He was extremely sexy that night, because it was his birthday?  I wore my erotic glasses the whole night, sorry.

The real prologue:
It was the first official autograph session of suede I attended.  I remember in the Coming Up era, there was also an autograph session in hmv but I didn't have the pass, I was always a failed stalker, always too slow or too shy to chase my idols.  This time if it was not ppp's reminder, I would have failed to attend it again (thank you ppp).  So, the first time was always nervous.  Even in such an old age.  I was always an uncool fan so I tried hard to play it cool.  Just a request for signature, with my trembling hands.   No photo taken with the band, no "physical attack" on Brett.  Very regretted in retrospect.