Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What is your number?

Mine is 4.

A thursday's child.
The fourth of the four children.
Type 4 of Enneagram.

My sister was so excited about that programme of Enneagram on tvb last Sunday. She revealed that she once had taken a course to analyse herself and she was the Perfectionist Type One. No wonder. Dogmatic, self-righteous, condemnatory and quick to find fault of others, i know she's "the One" even if she didn't tell me.

Generally (or I don't know if it's just me), we are surrounded by :

Type One (aka Reformer/Perfectionist), for their principled, orderly and self-disciplined, they always perform well in their career and they are always your bosses;

Type Three (aka Motivator), pragmatic, adaptable, ambitious, image-conscious, they are always your colleagues who are the bloody attention-seekers but your boss likes them anyway; and

Type Six (aka Loyalist), stable, conformist and defensive, they are always your faceless colleagues;

Type Eight (aka Leader), self-explanatory, this must be your big boss, self-confident, decisive, ruthless, dictatorial;

Type Two (aka Helper), self-explanatory, kind, caring, generous, I think my mother, your mother, everyone's mother is Type Two ... oh mother, you are so manipulative and possessive and stifled me in the name of love.

Other types which I don't always come across:

Type Seven (aka Generalist), what is generalist? all-round person? they are enthusiastic, extroverted, joyous and search for new experience, should be a fun person but sadly, most people I know are those crashing bores Type 1, 3, and 8 or the depressive low life like me.

Type Nine (aka Peacemaker), friendly and accepting, but sometimes passive and repressed. The people I know mostly are aggressive and cantankerous, i can hardly remember any peacemaker in my life.

Meeeself, I read a lot about Enneagram a few years ago for I felt so confused in my career life. Doing numerous tests, no change of result. I am the hopeless Type 4 with the wing of Type 5. I scored zero or even negative in Type 8 and Type 1 (these two Types have the most successful career, so u know how disastrous my career life was/is). Type 4, aka the Romantic. Type 5, aka the Thinker. I won't boast of the attractive traits of these two Types cos' I have none, but I probably have all the weaknesses (how unhealthy). Misfit, outcast, impractical, unproductive, evasive, reclusive, isolated, eccentric, abuse in alcohol and drugs, suicidal.

Enneagram is quite accurate in my two pennies.
Simple test

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wish You Were Here

Dark Side of the Moon, the album which I was forced to listen when I was just three or four years old, for my brother used to scare me by the heartbeat sound and the strange man laughing therein. This was a Japanese Release with the chinese words "狂氣" on the side note of the vinyl. As a kid of course i feel so nervous of the band I thought was called 狂氣. When I grew up, this scary album becomes one of my all time favourite (and i will never return this vinyl to the owner cos' i believe it must be worth a bit now).

Dark Side of the Moon Tour, probably the event once in a lifetime. It doesn't matter if you call it a Pink Floyd live or just Roger Waters. It's the music that matters. But if you have to compare the Pink Floyd led by Gilmour minus Waters and the Pink Floyd with only Waters, (I actually shouldn't make the comparison cos' I only saw the former in the Pulse) I feel the performance of the latter is more poignant and direct. It's stunning to feel/watch the whole set of Dark Side of the Moon, but my favourite moment was Shine On You Crazy Diamond - the emotion was actually too much to bear when you heard the lyrics with the image of Syd Barrett. Of course the set of The Wall was impressively nihilistic. From teenagers to some 50 something middle age group, all shouted that you-know-what anti-establishment slogan. It's almost ecstatic and euphoric. As a human we all love to rebel and destroy.

The pig does fly - 你可以重寫歷史,但不能改變它

"Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way" oh yeah, that's why I think I'm quite English

There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.

The child is grown, The dream is gone.

Roger, an old man now

you painter, you piper, you prisoner

Requiem for syd

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My own Proust's experience

Like a lightning in the dark, memories always catch you in a most
unprepared way, skip before you grasp. That is why people honoured memories as Ghosts, it's not you found them, it's they who caught and haunted you.

I walked to the pier humming that tune again, felt so frustrated as I couldn't remember the name. The only thing I know is that I used to love the song. Frustration symptoms lasted for a few days when I walked passed the pier until the ghost revealed itself. The song was called Love Letters. (phew, i don't believe i fall for that sin of banality, so it's definitely not the spell/curse of February 14). Rushed back to home to dig out the soundtrack of Blue Velvet.

A few notes of music bring the overwhelming impression of the past. I was shocked I forgot how pretty Isabella Roasellini and Kyle MacLachlan were, I was shocked I forgot the beauty of the film, violence blend with tenderness (typical David Lynch), I was shocked the film was released in 1986. Maybe I just feel a bit melancholic for the time passed.

In 1986, where were you? what were you doing? I was too young to go to see this category III film in cinema, but I was definitely shaped by abundant abnormal aesthetics.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

give me more MAdnEss

sO eNougH meDIA hYpe for KLAXONS. bUT i must say HOw i adore their offical dEbTe album. "*** MyThS*** is SITTing On The BIG chAIr aT NumBEr ///////// O.N.E" it's not R,i,D,i,C,u.l.O,u.s at all. t
urn the volume to the maximum, finding tranquility in the sheer frenzy

klaxons - Myths of the Near Future