Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What is your number?

Mine is 4.

A thursday's child.
The fourth of the four children.
Type 4 of Enneagram.

My sister was so excited about that programme of Enneagram on tvb last Sunday. She revealed that she once had taken a course to analyse herself and she was the Perfectionist Type One. No wonder. Dogmatic, self-righteous, condemnatory and quick to find fault of others, i know she's "the One" even if she didn't tell me.

Generally (or I don't know if it's just me), we are surrounded by :

Type One (aka Reformer/Perfectionist), for their principled, orderly and self-disciplined, they always perform well in their career and they are always your bosses;

Type Three (aka Motivator), pragmatic, adaptable, ambitious, image-conscious, they are always your colleagues who are the bloody attention-seekers but your boss likes them anyway; and

Type Six (aka Loyalist), stable, conformist and defensive, they are always your faceless colleagues;

Type Eight (aka Leader), self-explanatory, this must be your big boss, self-confident, decisive, ruthless, dictatorial;

Type Two (aka Helper), self-explanatory, kind, caring, generous, I think my mother, your mother, everyone's mother is Type Two ... oh mother, you are so manipulative and possessive and stifled me in the name of love.

Other types which I don't always come across:

Type Seven (aka Generalist), what is generalist? all-round person? they are enthusiastic, extroverted, joyous and search for new experience, should be a fun person but sadly, most people I know are those crashing bores Type 1, 3, and 8 or the depressive low life like me.

Type Nine (aka Peacemaker), friendly and accepting, but sometimes passive and repressed. The people I know mostly are aggressive and cantankerous, i can hardly remember any peacemaker in my life.

Meeeself, I read a lot about Enneagram a few years ago for I felt so confused in my career life. Doing numerous tests, no change of result. I am the hopeless Type 4 with the wing of Type 5. I scored zero or even negative in Type 8 and Type 1 (these two Types have the most successful career, so u know how disastrous my career life was/is). Type 4, aka the Romantic. Type 5, aka the Thinker. I won't boast of the attractive traits of these two Types cos' I have none, but I probably have all the weaknesses (how unhealthy). Misfit, outcast, impractical, unproductive, evasive, reclusive, isolated, eccentric, abuse in alcohol and drugs, suicidal.

Enneagram is quite accurate in my two pennies.
Simple test


galaxy said...

我的分數是 :
Type 1: 2, Type 2: 5, Type 3: 7,
Type 4: 3, Type 5: 1, Type 6: 4,
Type 7: 4, Type 8: 4, Type 9: 5

咁我係咪Type 3的人呀 ?

kittyshambles said...

Yes, you're a Type 3 person with the wing of Type 2/9. A healthy Three are self-assured, believe in themselves and their own value, energetic and adaptable but when they become unhealthy, they will be opportunistic, hostile, pretentious and narcissistic. Haha, so what are you? I think you're a healthy 3 especially you have the wing of Type 2/9, that mean you should be kind and peace-loving, do u think so?

elptirb said...

Before doing the test I know which type I am, after doing it, no surprises, haha..

kittyshambles said...

elptirb, the arcadian dreamer, you are Type 4, right?

elptirb said...

that's rite , helpless typical type 4

galaxy said...

hahaha, Kind and Peace-loving , everyone falls in these lah if you are not a hemorrhoid hahahaha.

乜type 都好, 唔好比個result 局限自己, 要發自己的小宇宙 (哈哈,我個名!), 到時自有新景象