Monday, May 30, 2011

And this still life is all I ever do

From the moment I woke up, I kept reminding myself of the most important task of today. When the clock struck 10, I immediately logged on and clicked for a ticket. Almost an automation, yes, of course for the same group and the same person. It's not a question of devotion or dedication, it's a habit. Hey, it's Brett Anderson, no, it's Suede.

So when it was their UK reunion tour, I was surprised by myself that I only ordered for the Dog Man Star night. Maybe I didn't want to leave my mum (or bring my mum out) too many nights or, maybe my love for the band has died a little so I was not that enthusiastic ... but after the show, I'm sure it was the former reason as I still found my beloved band charming and enjoyable, but...

Actually I do not want to write any review for this Dog Man Star night, though I would rate it stunningly good (if not perfect). Anderson's voice was immaculate. Every track of Dog Man Star and b-side should be recognized as a classic so to hear it live was a celestial experience. It should be a perfect night, or I may say my recent uk trip should be perfect if my mum did not hurt her leg during the Suede night (it scared everyone! Lesson: don't bring any elderly to gig, even if she insisted). So I left before the end of the show - I feel so insufficient of suede now. And that explains why I have such urge to book their coming gig to Hong Kong.

black or red
At first felt so satisfied for the balcony's view

living dead
But later felt so dissatisfied for the distance from mr anderson

it ends too fast for me
Brixton didn't leave me a good impression.

Monday, May 23, 2011


When the flight was accelerating and began to take off, I felt such acceleration was like a tearing force, torn my heart into pieces, torn me apart from that land, the land that I knew too well that I almost lost the tourist's enthusiasm but still I would not doubt my fondness for return one day.

She said the sky was beautiful, when I pushed her on a wheelchair passing through the long and silent corridor of departure. Yes indeed. I said "this is the London sky, please keep the scene in your mind." I felt a sudden strike of sadness after saying these words. She smiled and said I could return any day I wanted. Yes, I know.

London sky

Thursday, May 05, 2011

In rainbows

In rainbow

In rainbow

that hide and seek
lost and found
I ask myself:
when will I give up?
The cherry blossoms
or sour whisky
My memory faded
or I just invented it
Ephemeral - ethereal
Fleeting - fleeing
yes, there's nothing to grasp
and my life is wasted away.

but chinaski said,
some lives were made to be