Thursday, June 28, 2007

should be a good read if i can decipher the handwriting

shut your month and bend down low, story of french dog

long live the french dog!

"reverie" of prison

oh how sweet, though pretend to be indifferent

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

just what his mentor said in myspace

they will definitely reunion (n-times) again in Glastonbury
I hate myself and i want to fly.

Monday, June 18, 2007

why are you everywhere

i was doing my daily routine during the lunch hour, flicking through some travel guides in a bookshop, it was like if i was physically fixed to a place, my eyes and mind would still fly over to the moon (a temporary pain killer, sadly). i don't want to sound like an obsessive creep who thinks about and talks about someone something 24/7 but my pupils became wide and my heart pounced and screaming "what the heck" when i saw the sentence about pd's performance of heroin act, wee bit mentioning of rhythm factory, come on, i was reading lonely planet. onipresent my dear. before they turn each other on, they already turn the world on.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

wish him a bit slimer

the geminis i know are mostly cunning, or you may say they're clever, strongly adaptable, conceited, normally i never have much liking to them, but then, i never say never say never again.
Bon anniversaire monsieur barat.
by the way, cunning means sly or, attractive.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Thought for today

O, woe is me
To have seen what I have seen
see what I see

Friday, June 01, 2007

quick note of my thought

Ex-Big Sister treated us small potatos and those no-longer-small-potatos for a dinner. It's always a pleasure to have dinner with the old folks. ex-big sis was as cool as usual, very workaholic and fastidious (still), that's why she's so successful in career, i was never directly under her so i was not as close to her like some of my other ex-colleagues. worse, i was incompetent in her eyes (well this is a fact) cos' i was always so careless and procrastinating. but i think if i was not her colleague, i may be a friend of her cos' i found she was an interesting person and very pleasant (a good boss indeed and it's very rare for a female). other old folks - well, they looked great, achieved much in terms of family life and career, good! me - still under-acheive in all terms, well, fate is decided by character, so i can never change. hmm, i think every child must have dreamt that they would be somebody one day, be a scientist, astronomer, or earn lots of money in whatsoever career ... yes, all i just said was what i thought when i was a child. dream crushed and reality bites. my childhood self must felt so disappointed had she known her future self.

present job is disgusting if not pathetic, women in office always piss me off. been gather together to "discuss" why did i become so fat recently, why did i have so many ances recently, advice and teasing, it's hard to tell.

decision can be quick, just a glimpse, just a click, i need a break.