Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Busy without cause

Isn't that we call it 無事忙? My chinese is so bad that I may misunderstand the true meaning.

Busy for family issue, i'm not going to let all to see the wounds here but i do feel tired and sometimes disgusting, i want to disappear in somewhere unknown (but then i will be very irresponsible, u know, blood is fucking thicker than water so and so).

I was thinking about money recently. I am the person who is indifferent to it (am I being pretentious or ignorant to the fact) anyway that's what I think what I am but my stand was being challenged and ...

Yes, I am looking for a new job with better pay. Actually I do not know what is the standard "price" for a lawyer. "Your request is too low, you can request the double of your salary" haha, is it true or what? That's come from one of those big corporation... but i really do not like their attitude of "make your office as your battlefield everyday". used to be lazy and mediocre, I think I should be content with living in poverty while being lazy.

Routine work:
It's not a bad job(?), i think some people may even love my job, if you are a canton-pop lover. Licensee meeting, greetings and awards-giving, the chick of my department kept urging me to take photos of justin and leon koo, phew~ I'd rather shooting the cute birds.

Girl J(2)

Girl J(1)

Girl F

Band Z (let's clap for Vocals Chou for his having a red tonic, actually feel shit about it - no! I believe I'm the first to have it in Hong Kong, i've never wore it, now everyone have it, i know i'm idiotic to think this way)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


They were so sweet.

J'aime ce bebe.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Picnic by the motorway, not

Taking the de botton's lesson again in the time of broke, let's go to the lavender garden near my home!

Well my home is actually very close to the border, I think it only takes about 30 minutes to Shenzhen, much closer than my office in Central. Anyone who knows me well must feel sad for me - for I've got a serious phobia for the middle kingdom (ok no political talk here). Don't feel bad for me, cos' the proximity to the border has no relation to the "feel" of this place. Comparatively speaking, it is one of the sparsely populated area in Hong Kong, which i feel so great as an autistic person. With assistance of a little bit imagination, I have a little tour to the lavender field in Hokkaido or even Provence (Paranoia!)

something looked like lavender

drowning bee
a bee drowned in the flower

lazy kitty
idling all the day, so u want to be a cat or a human being?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Fitter, healthier and more ...

First post of 2007. I wish everyone safe and minted.

New year resolution. Why do we have to think about it in every January?

Learn a foreign language, read more books, change the job .... the list goes on. That reminds me of the plan for summer holidays when I was very young (and only at that age I tried to be good and pleasant). I used to draw up plans for my summer holidays and thought that I could finish all homework within the first week and then go fulfilling the plan (and the plan was, like others' new year resolution - learn swimming, learn a foreign language, practise drawing and calligraphy (ha, it's true, I once wrote down drawing and writing in my plan, hopeless)...). Well, plan was made just to show how it fell through. Every summer holidays, I just idled away and could only finish the homework at the last day of the holidays. I hate to plan now. It just strengthens the sense of failure. So, look at my New Year's Resolution of 2006, I couldn't achieve any, that's no surprise.

I decide to make the easier ones (or I should say the ones that please me most):

1. Drink more.
2. Take more _________.
3. Go to A again. (2 & 3 maybe corelated)