Friday, January 05, 2007

Fitter, healthier and more ...

First post of 2007. I wish everyone safe and minted.

New year resolution. Why do we have to think about it in every January?

Learn a foreign language, read more books, change the job .... the list goes on. That reminds me of the plan for summer holidays when I was very young (and only at that age I tried to be good and pleasant). I used to draw up plans for my summer holidays and thought that I could finish all homework within the first week and then go fulfilling the plan (and the plan was, like others' new year resolution - learn swimming, learn a foreign language, practise drawing and calligraphy (ha, it's true, I once wrote down drawing and writing in my plan, hopeless)...). Well, plan was made just to show how it fell through. Every summer holidays, I just idled away and could only finish the homework at the last day of the holidays. I hate to plan now. It just strengthens the sense of failure. So, look at my New Year's Resolution of 2006, I couldn't achieve any, that's no surprise.

I decide to make the easier ones (or I should say the ones that please me most):

1. Drink more.
2. Take more _________.
3. Go to A again. (2 & 3 maybe corelated)


Anonymous said...

take more drug?? NO WAY KITTY!! Quit it la :P
Hope we can meet in A!! ^_^
Anyway, wish all your dreams come true for 2007!!

kittyshambles said...

Vv, you made me sound like an addict, cos i'm not >_<
but thanks for your concerns and blessing anyway.

galaxy said...

For 2006, you have updated your web at least.

Haha, I left the summer homework to the last minute ! play first, otherwise I can't concentrate to finish the work.

I never have a solid/detailed plan for the new year. Just relax, and you will know what you have to do next along with your pace.

kittyshambles said...

Ha, i'm glad that updating my blog is an achievement!