Friday, April 28, 2006

Another Rainy Day

"Another rainy day, we’re trapped inside with a train set"

Another deja vu.
listened to belle and sebastian this morning, cloudy, rainy, walking in delirium, thinking I was still in london... actually i don't memorize london as cloudy and rainy. my days were always sunny there but it's strange whenever there is grey sky and drizzle, i think of uk, especially london, nostalgic me.

what if i board the good ship albion tonight..
(hope sunny day tomorrow for belle & sebastian and ... babyshambles, if peter bothers...)

Monday, April 24, 2006


Have to clear up the pile of old newspaper cutting on my table today and in the course of being such paranoid android, I found an article in Hong Kong Economic Journal (author:馬家輝) about Bookcrossing. Wow, this idea is what I need. I just have headache about the books piling up in my small matchbox home. It's the best way to "dispose" of them (but the word "dispose" is too rude to apply to books). It is also very romantic to let your book float around the world, from places to places, from generation to generation. Isn't it like a mystic thread connecting you with a stranger? You don't know each other but you read the exact same book, share the same vision or just have different notions? What became to the first owner?

I immediately registered myself to the website and will let some of my books float around Hong Kong this week. This is like message in a bottle, you'll never know where it will end to. (but since this is Hong Kong, I think most of my books will end up in trash bin and I will probably be complained by others as litter bug)
Chinese Bookcrossing 1
Chinese Bookcrossing 2

Monday, April 10, 2006

My sweet melancholy - Sigur Ros Live in Hong Kong 7 April 2006

Absolutely lost in the sheer beauty.

Or is it strange for me to find melancholy so uplifting?

Opened by Glosoli, the show was a series of angelic conversation. My mind wandered with the bleeding crimson, dived deep in the quiet ocean, lost in the forest, drowned in the memory of childhood, bathed in the tendered sunlight, poetry or music? Who needs to distinguish?

Never understand any "Hopelandic", never even remember the exact title of songs. It all doesn't matter. You are free to interpret. I couldn't help shedding tears in face of such breathtaking beauty and strength. From tranquility to hysteria, I was stunned in the uncontrolled emotions and hallucinations. Was it a fall from grace of every human being - from Paradise to the East of Eden?

Jonsi played his guitar with a cello bow

All other joys to this are folly
None so sweet as melancholy.