Monday, April 24, 2006


Have to clear up the pile of old newspaper cutting on my table today and in the course of being such paranoid android, I found an article in Hong Kong Economic Journal (author:馬家輝) about Bookcrossing. Wow, this idea is what I need. I just have headache about the books piling up in my small matchbox home. It's the best way to "dispose" of them (but the word "dispose" is too rude to apply to books). It is also very romantic to let your book float around the world, from places to places, from generation to generation. Isn't it like a mystic thread connecting you with a stranger? You don't know each other but you read the exact same book, share the same vision or just have different notions? What became to the first owner?

I immediately registered myself to the website and will let some of my books float around Hong Kong this week. This is like message in a bottle, you'll never know where it will end to. (but since this is Hong Kong, I think most of my books will end up in trash bin and I will probably be complained by others as litter bug)
Chinese Bookcrossing 1
Chinese Bookcrossing 2


Vv said...

TMK果然係才女.......我都有將你的推介介紹給my best friend, she also reads a lot of books.

Thanks for sharing !!

kittyshambles said...

嘩vv唔好這樣叫我,真係笑壞人。簡直人愈大愈覺自己無才,我想your best friend有才/財D。

倉海君 said...

Hi, 想問兩條問題:



kittyshambles said...

Hello 倉海君, I always doubt if there are any secondhand bookshop want to have my books, do you have any good recommendation about such bookshops? Actually I don't know much about good bookshops in HK as I get most of my books from mail order.

Nevermind about the link ;)

倉海君 said...

我嚟遲左少少,唔好意思。 :P

咁就五個月,可能你而家已經好熟香港嘅書店嘞,但係我都試下回答。英文書可以賣去Flow( 1/F, 40 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, 81040822)。我幾鍾意果度,特別係樓上果層,貪佢夠亂有尋寶feel。

kittyshambles said...