Monday, April 28, 2008

feel better now than the last time but still no better than before

This place has been deserted for a while, not that I didn't want to update it, but April is the cruellest month so I suffered from minor ailments, after the flu, there was migraine, bellyache, insomnia, no appetite ... shit I am such a lover of food and drinks, hope I will return to be a glutton and drunkard soon.

If I was not absent, I should have written something about Channel's Mobile Art, the interesting architecture by Zaha Hadid, how it promoted and degraded art, how the poetic sound guide inspired as well as limited participants' interpretation, but the whole event was too long ago so I don't feel like to write about it.

I should also have written something about this year Hong Kong International Film Festival which surprisingly, my most favourite film is not a film at all, it's the Stones' gig Shine A Light. I can't say i know all their songs by heart but hey, they are so energetic, there is so much passion, life and brotherhood, their fire is still burning bright at this age, having a labour of love and hedonistic life for over 40 years, I think they must be God's most favourite human being. To me this year hkiff is not too bad as compare to the past few years'.

... and yeah, how can i not mention duran duran live in HK (wow my childhood's idol!) I don't have their new album so I did not know most of the songs but it didn't matter, their new songs actually sound quite alright, my friend said it's the effort of justin timberlake, haha what a surprise, i never thought this person has talent (so i might be wrong). Not only rolling stones remains energetic, so does duran duran! Simon Le Bon must be near (or already?) 50 but he didn't look much different from his younger days, though my childhood crush John Taylor changed a lot bit. I am turning nostalgic these days as a sign of turning old, so i will even go to see elton john in may!

i like all mic-sharing moments, even for those of middle age men, ha! (oh sorry simon & john, i'm just joking, u know i love u both)

Monday, April 07, 2008


『快樂,不快樂。好像愛我,不愛我。他拿起一枝花,一面拔掉花瓣,一面在說「快樂,不快樂」。他是一個快樂的人,他也是一個不快樂的人 ... 他對他說,他不快樂。因為他的慾望太多,不能滿足,甚麼都是有點不足夠 ... 他的快樂是很快的,喝一杯紅酒很快樂,那一個Moment很快樂,但三分鐘之後,快樂就消失了 ... 雙子座和雙魚座的人通常的快樂,都是很快快樂,很快便不快樂。他們兩個雙子和雙魚,一問一答,一答一問,在討論快樂。』

- 《好風如水》胡恩威

I just love these passages, for obvious reason (someone is so idle for sure).

Sunday, April 06, 2008

no more bacchanalia

pretty chairlady of bacchic club went settling down once and for all, of course i wish her happy ever after, oh, but it also marked the day of the disbandment of our bacchic meeting, no more hangover in the saturday morning.

Pretty girl's big day
double happiness my dear

another side of the coin...

of course i was one of those "sisters" of my good friend's wedding, nevermind to darken my panda eyes (as woke up at 5:45am), nevermind to wear that "too" feminine dress all day long, cos' they were nothing as compared to rendezvous of ex-schoolmates. exchange of name cards, exchange of hollow talks, i think i would rather be a recluse.

I love my shoes
my golden shoes, yo!