Monday, April 28, 2008

feel better now than the last time but still no better than before

This place has been deserted for a while, not that I didn't want to update it, but April is the cruellest month so I suffered from minor ailments, after the flu, there was migraine, bellyache, insomnia, no appetite ... shit I am such a lover of food and drinks, hope I will return to be a glutton and drunkard soon.

If I was not absent, I should have written something about Channel's Mobile Art, the interesting architecture by Zaha Hadid, how it promoted and degraded art, how the poetic sound guide inspired as well as limited participants' interpretation, but the whole event was too long ago so I don't feel like to write about it.

I should also have written something about this year Hong Kong International Film Festival which surprisingly, my most favourite film is not a film at all, it's the Stones' gig Shine A Light. I can't say i know all their songs by heart but hey, they are so energetic, there is so much passion, life and brotherhood, their fire is still burning bright at this age, having a labour of love and hedonistic life for over 40 years, I think they must be God's most favourite human being. To me this year hkiff is not too bad as compare to the past few years'.

... and yeah, how can i not mention duran duran live in HK (wow my childhood's idol!) I don't have their new album so I did not know most of the songs but it didn't matter, their new songs actually sound quite alright, my friend said it's the effort of justin timberlake, haha what a surprise, i never thought this person has talent (so i might be wrong). Not only rolling stones remains energetic, so does duran duran! Simon Le Bon must be near (or already?) 50 but he didn't look much different from his younger days, though my childhood crush John Taylor changed a lot bit. I am turning nostalgic these days as a sign of turning old, so i will even go to see elton john in may!

i like all mic-sharing moments, even for those of middle age men, ha! (oh sorry simon & john, i'm just joking, u know i love u both)


galaxy said...

靚仔band容易有女fans歡迎, 可能男仔心態(又或出於妒忌,哈哈!)對Duran Duran沒有特別感覺, 反而佢地早期散band後一些個別project就有留意, 如John Taylor與Robert Plamer (好似死左咯 ?)出的"some like it hot"幾hit下, Nick Rhodes曾監製曾紅遍英倫的Kajagoogoo唱片幾有睇頭。 個人認為John Taylor比較靚仔及型仔。

TMK, 保重身體, 仲有大把concerts等住你去睇。扁頭痛可以試下飲咖啡 (fresh brew),有朋友試過 work喎。亦有可能頸部筋勞損或骨移位影響神經線, 所引至的扁頭痛,搵個chiroprator睇下啦。

kittyshambles said...

Yes, 我的童年偶像正是John Taylor, that's very uncool to admit it, so I'd better not to mention it much:p
我也聽聞Robert Palmer好似已不在,佢好似唔係好老,真化學呀!
另外Simon & Nick 組個隊Arcadia好似話不錯, but as I was only interested in john taylor, so 我可能錯失咗。

TMG多謝關心呀,coffee真可以治扁頭痛嗎? I will try it, 但我又熱底wor,有時又寒,一隔隔, very complicated.

galaxy said...

我朋友的媽咪試過及另一朋友都試過,有效。 但可能各人反應會不同。我上司工作的坐姿不正確,所以她是屬於頸骨移位壓住神經線所引至的扁頭痛。 咦~~~你會唔會睇rock concert多及太投入將個頭係咁搖及fing所至呀 ?! :O

錯喇, 一般人以為coffee是燥熱, 其實它是屬寒的, 加蜜糖instead of 沙糖會無咁「確」喉。

kittyshambles said...

好耐無fing頭啦,都無人一起fing,現在的香港樂迷較內歛(或只因我現在只去較「斯文」[即悶炳]的演唱會?)無論音樂係幾強勁或enjoy,好似都只是輕微搖頭,同以前90's的shoesgazer甚至dark entry的狂野fing頭相差甚遠,TMG可能那時已去了英國,在英倫fing頭.


TMG好似又再有喜事,congratulations!! 祝大細平安,要更努力賺錢lor!!