Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It is very boring indeed

As per the request from several "concerned parties", I now show you the pictures of my office, i.e. the confinement which I'm condemned to.

It looks messy, though not many documents, cos' I'm messy, shambolic, kittyshambles yeah!

Look, there is a newspaper hanging on the notice board by my boss before I came here (the date is 29 July 2005). The newspaper is already yellowed but I still haven't put it down, I'm just too lazy and do not have any attempt to try to decorate this cubicle. Let it yellow, even brown, and decay. In fact this notice board is good for pinning up some of my idols, but I don't want to bring any of my favourite items to office. They will be contaminated. No bearbrick. No Libertines. Don't make yourself at home in office. Don't grow your root in office. Office should be boring. You should just work work work (or dream, go internet, phone friends) in the office. Time's up, go!
By the way, I hate these big windows (no, they're not windows, they can't be opened, just the transparent squares) on the partition wall. All people can see if I fall asleep or go internet!!!

Boss' room (with big window) behind me. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ME!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

I was robbed of liberty for 5 hours

So, it was not a century long, though it's still a bit long. I mean the cocktail + grand dinner I was made to attend compulsorily. At first I was worried if it would be another awful and embarrassing experience for me because I hardly know who I am. Sometimes I felt like socialize but many more times I was just a sulky social inept, oh my, it might just be another event to strengthen my sense of alienation. Thanks God I acted (or I think I acted) like a normal decent person, smiled and welcomed strangers. The socialize self was aptly present while much effort was made to suppress the autistic child within me and paralyse the bad kitty who asked for stout and joint everywhere. Good to see Eason Chan, best male singer in Hong Kong (and also nice to see Alan Tam, I liked him when I was much younger ^^).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Peeped through the window, what did you see?

I saw tilted floor, marble pillars and golden banister. I saw formalities, but I don't hate such formalities, which is strange, as I am the one who detest all kind of chains and pretention. Maybe I do miss the old Hong Kong which exists in my memory or imagination. Maybe I did enjoy sneaking out of office in the name of attending panal meeting. People argued for the sake of arguing, some had points, some hadn't. Jotting down notes for idle meeting, not bad for a Tuesday afternoon.

Legislative Council, a beautiful colonial building

Monday, November 07, 2005

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Flu Attack! Help!!!
Need to sleep early tonight (though it's already 12:30am, still early for me). Need some good hot spicy Thai food to wake up my senses. Need beer to cool down. Need whisky to warm up. Need Lemsip (yeah, "Lemsip is the best", paul the poet said. We must believe in poet).
Hope I feel better tomorrow.