Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally, the endless wait came to the end

It was finally arrived. Thanks to mr postman, it was so heavy, i know.

Cards to place ape, my essential album of 2007.

Friday, December 21, 2007

office blue

Read a few lines
Daydreams mix with
Moments of siesta
Went to the pantry
then to the restroom
Back to the seat
It's so horrid
that it's still 4:30
Never ever
look at the figures
on the screen's right coner

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Too much happiness will only lead to sadness

It's the Chinese wisdom.

After a week of celebration of "getting older but not wiser", I've got physical and virtual feasts and drinks, presents and cakes, greetings and wishes, intimate and rubbish talks, well, this humdrum life looks a bit endurable for all such trivial things. While I reflected on my light-hearted feeling, yes, that chinese idiom works again.

My pc is dead again. It always chose its death in the time when I least have done any back-up. Worse, I even cannot reformat it. It's ridiculous to think that my whole happiness is dependent on this lifeless object but sadly, it's true. My daily consolation is just this 60GB. I am officially devastated. I feel so bad now and I will not put a smiley face for a long time.

Friday, December 07, 2007

it has been 2 days since but i still

Head in the cloud
Another mistake but
Nothing to frown
Gulping the lust
Opaque and loud
Validate my stupid

Oscar's advice

Assuasive through
Battered and bruised
Sin and sinister
In line with sweet delirium
Nodding my head (oh so dizzy)
This cycle/cyclops
Here to stay
Ever more

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy endings, they never bored me

I was never optimistic if I could watch their arena gigs. Just a week before boarding the flight, i received the notice that babyshambles had cancelled their acoustic gig at union chapel because someone was back to the rehab. oh my __ pounds was just threw into river (if you know what a crazy sum i paid for the gig through ebay). I felt like having the nightmare of "will he show up/will he not" again.



Peteranother product since joining big labelwhich song with a sun?drew and adam
hancock on the stagethe albion on the stagePeter wanted to suffocate himselfDrew on screen

peter had a big anceacoustic setplayer's navy cut

It didn't occur to me that the venues were too big for babyshambles (maybe MEN and Metro Radio were not big actually). Unlike other stadium rock shows which audience would no doubt have a sense alienation, they did have the power to reach every living soul. maybe it's because of the stage decoration, albion and hancock still on the wall, it's just like the albion have became a bigger vessel. I don't know, maybe i was blindfolded like the ep cover, this frenetic fanatic felt so blessed again.

any criticism? yes (oh what a surprise). No frenchdog blue. because the legendary frenchdog didn't agree to join? same setlist for every show? ended exactly on 10:45pm every night? did it simply become a job ...

by oh by the way ...

Last night I just watched the dvd of shambles' live in manchester. oh my. that was baby shambles. they are so different now. patrick and gemma are (of course) sadly missed. but oh. there is something more. something wrong. something missing. he is not a wimp no more. stronger (fitter, happier and productive). so what did i complain about? of course it's good to see him stronger and happier (or me so wicked to romanticise the dark and gloomy past ... )

older. wiser. but what i miss is his childish eyes.
he can walk steadily now, not shamble anymore.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Cost of progress

We build just to destroy. Making loads of trash. The value of history is zero (or even negative in case of hong kong, any colonial past was regarded as disease which have to be eliminated without delay). I always thought only Hong Kong Government was so disrespectful to history and environment. British Government should be more civilised and sophisticated by miles. Avarice. A common trait for all human beings, not to say to all governments.

Camden Stable - it becomes a large constructive site. Actually it lost its soul years ago by overwhelming tons of "made in china" products. The little charm of all secondhand clothes stores at the end of the stable was eliminated, in the name of redevelopment. It is said to build a shopping centre which is so inconsistent to the surrounding (or by that time the surrounding will also be destroyed so this will not be a problem).

once horse hang around hereold time square, where?Proud no more
what it should look likenow a pile of trasharrow points to nowhere

Let's turn to my favourite Brick Lane. I hope it will not have the same fate, though I sense that Spitalfield is turning to another Covert Garden (oh no, it's soulless).

not a fan of the name
number what?
new fastfood stores, which one do u like?

meat is murder
I admit this picture is quite horrible (I already faded the colour and made the meat less bloody and, i already trimmed the nail) but hey, this is the most delicious beigel in london! (not the one with its name Best Beigel, that's the other one) I was freezing in the street.

hello beloved
oh i met them again! That's the biggest rough trade record (comparatively) in london, drinks and free magazine, good place to kill time.