Monday, December 03, 2007

Cost of progress

We build just to destroy. Making loads of trash. The value of history is zero (or even negative in case of hong kong, any colonial past was regarded as disease which have to be eliminated without delay). I always thought only Hong Kong Government was so disrespectful to history and environment. British Government should be more civilised and sophisticated by miles. Avarice. A common trait for all human beings, not to say to all governments.

Camden Stable - it becomes a large constructive site. Actually it lost its soul years ago by overwhelming tons of "made in china" products. The little charm of all secondhand clothes stores at the end of the stable was eliminated, in the name of redevelopment. It is said to build a shopping centre which is so inconsistent to the surrounding (or by that time the surrounding will also be destroyed so this will not be a problem).

once horse hang around hereold time square, where?Proud no more
what it should look likenow a pile of trasharrow points to nowhere

Let's turn to my favourite Brick Lane. I hope it will not have the same fate, though I sense that Spitalfield is turning to another Covert Garden (oh no, it's soulless).

not a fan of the name
number what?
new fastfood stores, which one do u like?

meat is murder
I admit this picture is quite horrible (I already faded the colour and made the meat less bloody and, i already trimmed the nail) but hey, this is the most delicious beigel in london! (not the one with its name Best Beigel, that's the other one) I was freezing in the street.

hello beloved
oh i met them again! That's the biggest rough trade record (comparatively) in london, drinks and free magazine, good place to kill time.


galaxy said...

哎呀....Camden Town 變成點呀 ? 比多些相我地睇啦...有D擔心呀..這個legend又係icon的地方, 曾是我到倫敦必去的地方,若失去了她的靈魂, 倫敦又少了一處值得去的地方。

Covent (你好似有typo ;))Garden 又變成點呀 ???

當然是喜歡那駕food bus多些啦。

個飽唔血腥丫......唔.......指甲都修得好整齊乾淨....哈哈哈....如果是拿著暖笠笠的fish & Chip食會暖好多

kittyshambles said...

Stable Market (camden最入個度)會拆晒,起商場,可能會拆出去,咁camden就完全變晒樣,無晒味道。
哈哈,唔係typo,係一向串錯。吓,我一向都覺得covent garden係幾「假」的flea market,太多連鎖店,檔口仔賣d嘢又費,明欺騙遊客,可能真market 要推算到My Fair Lady年代。
Oh that beigel was very delicious, it's also hot (though became cold very fast in that freezing point), i have to queue up to get one!

britple said...

oh last time i went to camden and i saw there was a new shopping centre but the antique part in stable was still there... and now they're gonna clean it up..? it's quite predictable for camden's fate.

beigel is good! haha i cant remember which one i used to eat, but i have to queue up too. kebah is another must :)

kittyshambles said...

bet u got the right one cos' only that one have to queue inside, beigel and kebah are good, they're the only cheap food in london... (and also wong kee...)

galaxy said...

哈哈, 我個年代convent Garden還未太假, 嘻..附近的Shelley 及 Paul Smith仍在嗎...

kittyshambles said...

Shelley唔係無左好耐嗎?Paul Smith咁高檔我無留意wor,應該仍在,其實我都好耐無去covent garden, galaxy 係時候一家大細英倫遊啦。