Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Too much happiness will only lead to sadness

It's the Chinese wisdom.

After a week of celebration of "getting older but not wiser", I've got physical and virtual feasts and drinks, presents and cakes, greetings and wishes, intimate and rubbish talks, well, this humdrum life looks a bit endurable for all such trivial things. While I reflected on my light-hearted feeling, yes, that chinese idiom works again.

My pc is dead again. It always chose its death in the time when I least have done any back-up. Worse, I even cannot reformat it. It's ridiculous to think that my whole happiness is dependent on this lifeless object but sadly, it's true. My daily consolation is just this 60GB. I am officially devastated. I feel so bad now and I will not put a smiley face for a long time.


galaxy said...

你生日嗎 ?
if yes, belated happy birthday.
識得話自己唔係wiser, 這已是wiser enough !
部電腦係咪又中病毒呀 ?!

kittyshambles said...

Thanks for the belated greetings, yes, i'm one of those decemberists.


galaxy said...

咁下次FORMAT Harddisk時, 把HD分成兩個partition, 一個只用來install system 及 software, 另外一個就只儲存data, 通常crash機是在system那個partition, 這樣你的Data唔會唔見囉, 都係個句久不久都要backup 下Data至穩陣。

唔使失落, 機器既野遲早都會壞, 要學識接受。生日就要開開心心啦, 唔開心野, 擺埋一邊先,不可含怒到日落.......一天的煩惱, 一天受已夠了。

kittyshambles said...

Thank you for your kind words galaxy. 現在心情已有些少平伏,你講的方法好高深,我是電腦盲(如果唔係都唔會撞腦啦),總之以後我要鐵定自己定期back up la.

galaxy said...

唔深, 咁邊個同你re-format and re-install windows 呀 ? install 時, 它會比你擇分唔分partition的, 會自動做的。
邊做邊學囉, 有問題出聲啦, 識就一定話你知。