Monday, December 31, 2012

This year sums up

I always like to sum up my favourite albums at the year end but this year, I don't have many that I really love (maybe only the Toy one). It doesn't mean that I do not enjoy the music scene this year, on the contrary, I have some EPs and singles that I like very much.  Thanks to the smartphone, I also spent more time on radio, so maybe I should list out my favourite tracks instead.   Because, I know if I don't jot them down, I will probably forget some the names next year.

1. Husbands/I Am Here - Savages
2. 1998 - Peace
3. Stranger - Dead Mellotron
4. If Only We Remain - Two Wounded Birds
5. Dead & Gone - Toy
6. Aching Bone - Nadine Shah
7. Who Is The Hunter - Liars
8. Bubblegum Trash - Crocodiles
9. Sweet Jesus - White Manna
10. I Follow You - Melody's Echo Chamber

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's not over yet

Clockenflap @ West Kowloon Cultural District, 1-2 December 2012

For the wee bit chilly weather and the drizzling, puddles everywhere, I could imagine it was a music festival in UK, but hey it was held in my hometown, the place notorious for its hideous music scene. So let's say a big Thank You to Clockenflap, it did consistently accomplish some kind of mission impossible.

This year my festival began with Lucy Rose in Time Out Stage. Although I feel grateful for the organizer, here I must urge it to rearrange the location of different stages . The acoustic stage was too close to other stages that I could hardly hear any music from Lucy. I felt sorry for Lucy as it was so embarrassing and also unfair (while she also said she felt sorry for us the audience and invited us to her hotel rooms instead).
The show couldn't go on
Lucy considered if she should continue or not because of the lousy sound system

My discontent was soon disappeared when it was time for Primal Scream, as I then became higher than the sun. Primal  Scream was in fact the reason I was there.  They nearly played whole of the Screamadelica (yeah! but without Higher Than the Sun, oh no! And not enough songs of Xtrmntr!!!!). Bobby was supercool, always love his tender voice and dream-like demeanour.
Bobby this charming man

On Day Two I only wanted to watch Alt-J and Klaxon but I arrived a bit earlier so I watched a bit Jun Kung. I don't know much about his music and this was the first time I saw his live. He seemed to be a good vibe-lifter, the crowd loved him and guys even waved roses to him (but he was scared and demanded a bottle of vodka instead).
Jun Kung at Harbourflap Stage, 2nd December 2012
Jun Kung

I don't know why there are so many Alt-J haters. Because of their arrogant comparison to Radiohead? No, I don't think it's the real reason. Actually I think their music is alright and they deserve to win the Mercury Music Prize. After seeing their live set, I think I know why. The vocal (very often the focal point of a band) Joe Newman looks so criminally normal, it's not the usual normal such as the "next-to-your-door guy" look,  it's the vulgarly mediocre, un-rock n' roll look.  
Alt-J at Harbourflap Stage, 2nd December 2012
Alt-J, the office worker look

The last act was the Klaxon. I admit I was a big fan of their debut album. This was the second time I saw them, and like the first time in Reading, I expected I would enjoy their set and I was so willing to immerse myself to their music. But the fact was, I JUST COULDN'T.   For the Reading, I blamed that I stood too far away from the stage so I couldn't feel the vibe. But this time, I was standing in the front row, but people around me was just standing still, at the front row(!)  They seemed they didn't know their song while me like a mad woman singing aloud and jumping hard among them, humm, very exhausted but not high. The best part was the last song, It's Not Over Yet as it summed up my feeling for the Clockenflap. Yes, albeit my series of nagging, I still love Clockenflap and of course it's not over yet.  Next year, I will be back!
The Klaxon at Harbourflap Stage, 2nd December 2012
the girls standing behind me kept shouting sexy boys to the Klaxon, really?