Friday, September 23, 2005


Haha, didn't he feel a bit "cool" at the bottom? I can't remember which station it is but funny things can actually be found anywhere. I am also amazed by the zoom effect of my cheap mobile.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gathering moss idly

valium needed in convalescence
enjoy it
enjoy it
enjoy it (told you so)
restless and faceless
why can't I
why can't I
why can't I

Still too lazy to do anything for the photos at home, and I can't photoshop in the office, actually I can't go to internet in the office now (today is exception). How to pass time in the office without internet???

Friday, September 16, 2005

White riot

White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own

This was the riot for the sake of riot, come on, it's bloody stupid and not fun at all. Rebel Without A Cause, huh!? I was woken up at about 2:00 am because there was a series of explosion just within 5 metres from my tent. It made me think of the film 28 Days Later, all people were mental (they were chanting "riot! riot!" like under some magic spell and continuously throwing beer to the fire to make explosion). It's kind of contagious. My tent was set up near Piccadilly Circus (the fire and explosion was started there). In order to save my life, I abandoned my tent and escaped to the Yellow Zone (but the riot then spread to the Yellow Zone also, see, it's contagious!) Owing to the so-called good fun of a riot, my shoulder was hit by a full can of beer (I should thank my Lord, I might be killed by that can if it was thrown a few centimetres higher).

I was forced to stay awake for the rest of the night, there're millions beautiful stars up in the sky which I've never noticed in the whole weekend, so it is always true that when you lost something (my tent which I would throw away anyway and my sleeping hours which I cherished much as I didn't want to have the panda eyes) , you found something also (the beautiful sky).

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blue sky and sunshine

The beauty of the northern sunshine - this is the sky I saw when I lay down on the grass of Bramham Park in Leeds. The weather was nice in this year Leeds Festival so I took much pleasure in just lying on the grass idly and listening to the music. How I hoped that moment would freeze to eternity. Graham Coxon left an extra-ordinary sweet memory to me. Of course the whole festival also got a dark side (like everything in the world but I don't want to elaborate it right now). Past challenges always seem to be the most easiest task. In this moment, I still say it's fun and enjoyable to go to music festival.

Highlight: Iggy Pop, Graham Coxon, The Coral, Pixies, The Cribs (yeah!), Arcade Fire and The Tears.

Look at my tent, it's pretty good. There were little Hello Kitty stickers and name tag there!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back from the ...

I can hardly touch my notebook since the return from my trip. Actually I've thousands words want to express in both my website (which I've deserted for a good while) and also this garden but I was so busy in 'tripping' (so i can't update the part for The Tears gig in Hong Kong) and foolishly try to clear my old work in the old office last week (so I can't update the part of my trip).

This is the first day of my new job! There are so many things need to be learnt, pray Force Be With Me.

David, I've watched part of the dvd What The Fxxk of PD, it made me sad whenever I saw that madness in his eyes, he's no longer the chubby cherub, no, I still think he retains some part of an angelic soul, but clearly something is lost in the way....
he had come back from the dead
I keep it in reach
keep it in the fridge
courage my dear
when you look them in the eye
laugh if they try to be funny
because you need their money now you need their money

Yes actually I am also just coming from the near-death experience in my trip, the first time innocence, the second time ignorance, don't want to mention any of it, the secret I'll bring to grave. Hope I've time to write tomorrow....