Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blue sky and sunshine

The beauty of the northern sunshine - this is the sky I saw when I lay down on the grass of Bramham Park in Leeds. The weather was nice in this year Leeds Festival so I took much pleasure in just lying on the grass idly and listening to the music. How I hoped that moment would freeze to eternity. Graham Coxon left an extra-ordinary sweet memory to me. Of course the whole festival also got a dark side (like everything in the world but I don't want to elaborate it right now). Past challenges always seem to be the most easiest task. In this moment, I still say it's fun and enjoyable to go to music festival.

Highlight: Iggy Pop, Graham Coxon, The Coral, Pixies, The Cribs (yeah!), Arcade Fire and The Tears.

Look at my tent, it's pretty good. There were little Hello Kitty stickers and name tag there!!!


Vv said...

pretty tent with cutie To Ming!!

bb said...

Wah! the tent is pretty, especially little kitty sticker!

david said...

I think Kitty is pretty, the tent is average looking.