Monday, August 06, 2012

My summer album

What is the taste of your youth? Sweet or bitter or bitter-sweet?  What does it look like?  Full of sunshine or grey skies?  Being extremely shy and reserved, I was never the sunny kind of people.  I might be one of those typical youth that we describe as "miserable green" who like to whine (very often for trivialities in the eyes of the grown-ups), inexperienced, unsophisticated and diffident.  I suddenly remember my younger days because of my recent favourite - the debut album of Two Wounded Birds.  Their songs are nostalgic (or some people may say it's cheesy, no), those 50's beach-boys-like pop songs.  Catchy and haunting, about the feeling of being young, feeling hopeless and wasted, the unwillingness to grow up and face the real world.  Oh yes, that is the album for me.  I know, I know these are the lyrics that will make any grown-up roll their eyes and I know To Be Young sounds so much like The Pretenders' Don't Get Me Wrong, still this is my favourite summer album.  It reminds me of that old feeling I always have, feeling of the insecurity and hopelessness, in the perfect pop tunes (so may I say that I'm still young at heart? but the said fact is, youngsters are allowed to be insecure and hopeless, while the old people like me will only be categorized as a loser).