Saturday, April 14, 2012

ranked 412/1000

when i came home today the doorman handed me the cylinder parcel and I wondered what I haven't made any ebay order recently but yeah i really forgot I've so-called pledged it.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

my hand, my friend

I just had a minor operation on my right hand a few days ago and I am now having a bit handicap in everything and only from now on I realize how clumsy my left hand is. It can't write properly, even for some simple action like washing face and brushing teeth, it needs extra effort and attention. Of course for these few days of intense training of my left hand, I'm looking forward to having a more developed right brain (i.e. more aesthetic and creative) but having shown the clumsiness of my left hand, I suspect that my right brain is very under-developed and that's.... very depressing. For the bandage around my right hand now looks like a big rice dumpling, I actually shouldn't spend time to type my blog, ...err but i do not want to read the documents on my desk (see, how cruel the world is, I still need go to work after having operation...)

Whine not. We should be glad for our continuation of daily routines, no matter how boring or meaningless they are. My words sound very cliche. But this is what I think for this moment. I got a friend that I always secretly complained about, for her becoming a bored person, degrading herself by not knowing anything new except the taiwan pop idol, no reading no hobbies no interests no point of view. I'm harsh and arrogant I know. I sometimes wondered what life changed her or wore and tear her to such uninspiring state. I sometimes suspected it was her real self and her younger self was just a pretender. She is my old friend, one of my best friends. I have many "once in the lifetime" experience with her. As we grew older, our paths separated. Different priorities and commitments. Our schedules didn't match. Or we just lost interest to each other. We didn't bother to ask or invite each other to attend events. I tended to go to gigs or travel by myself. It sounds like I become independent (but also a loner). I can't judge if it's blessing to have friend(s) with you on the road. Of course to be alone sounds very pathetic (oh I quite enjoy it) but you can be sure that your feeling will remain intact and will not be affected by others. To have friend(s) you will have sweet memories of share laughter, follies and adventures. But I don't know if such sweet memories will some days turn to be a sigh. I hope my friend can have a very quick recovery. I said to her that she would be alright to attend the tat ming pair gig, am i a blind optimist?

yes, i talk incoherently, my usual ramblings.