Monday, May 29, 2006

Heaven and Hell

My mate Vv has recently publicised some of her works in a magazine. She has a gift for photography and painting and all other artisitc stuff. Seeing is believing:


Blythe is her adopted child

Just within my expectation. I was portrayed as an idiotic fangirl (or is it a fact that I refuse to admit myself?) I may (should) dismiss the whole caboodle as a joke. Still, I want to voice out some of my objection:

well, or should I be glad to be referred to as xxx at this age?

hey, I swear I've never gloated. I hate to be called like this. kittyshambles is known to be meek and humble (in fact neither do I like to be meek and humble, what am I?)

..huh?! i don't like to name him as a so-called super star, if he becomes a "super star", I will definitely stop loving him.

The term 第二最愛 makes me goose-skin. That's very wrong, from the beginning I made myself clear that both of these men are important to The Libertines and I respect both of them. Did I keep talking one of them so I must be crazy about that one? (yes you are...)

"these two cold fingers, these crooked fingers I show"
This is very creepy & rude to point to these 2 gentlemen like this, did I do it? I was told to show who were the chaps I rambled about, and so I made this idiotic gesture...

Arbeit Macht Frei

Work is freedom.

(Photo source:

Anteroom to the Gas - Auschwitz
(Photo source :

The utter cruelty and darkness of human nature.
Mass insanity.
It did / does happen.

(I was supposed to write something different but I can't help posting the Auschwitz, I am watching bbc and the pope at the auschwitz, feeling shellshocked)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Etiquette and attire

improper and indecorous i am
fresh warning, constant warning
i finally learn that the proper business etiquette and attire
is to wear the funeral suit and countenance
my playful tone and childish steps
i blame it on the sagitarian sun and ascendant
they asked, why i smiled all the time
in fact i feel cold and ennui
wise girl once predicted i would be the first to kill myself
i did not contest
boss asked, if i was like this before
no, i think i was once sober and serious (though some may contest)
boss asked, where did my former self go
i don't know, maybe substance and Bacchus have their roles

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


No offence really.

This word in fact I feel for myself rather than anybody else. I just feel utterly powerless to say ... what can I say? Series of question throwing at me, "What does arcadia mean?" "What? albion rooms?" "What A Waster, what is it about?" Tried to explain, I sounded like a mad woman in reciting what the lads had said, totally inarticulate and incoherent. Confronted with a pair of blank-eyes, I just thought "oh my, so do you know what the word LIBERTINE means? Please bring your dictionary, girl". Finding the right words, I said "it's not just about music, it's something about literature, poetry, liberty (gosh, I sound like a mad woman again)..." Those pair of blank-eyes just replied, "oh yes, it's about going loose then" ... shxt, I thought (as I was too polite to say it loud). "So what did he say to you?" Oh my, please don't mention it, I will be uncontrollable. "He was not talking, he was stealing, stealing my heart ..." Very idiotic, very fangirl-like, i know.

When I was asked to bring some of my collector items out for photo-taking, blank-eyes saw the magazine cover and shouted, "oh I recognise him, he's the junkie, junkie, junkie ..." Pissed off. I was tongue-tied to make any defence, "he is not what he looks like ...".

The title of the article is "I Am A Fangirl, So What!" with my up-the-middle-finger gesture.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Be undressed ready my angels (oops, lady shouldn't say it)

It's a bit cloudy and chilling in Coventry. Fortunately my hotel was very close to the coach station and Colosseum. With my constant state in delirium, I didn't know how but yes I walked to the private area (which was supposed to be reserved for the family/friends of the bands) and even more strange was that nobody stopped me. Thanked for Lord's mercy arrangement, the fans were as "energetic" (well in fact i mean violent and mosh-loving) as those of Babyshambles (maybe that's because they are the same crowd), I watched them moshed from the fenced area, but later even the fenced area was also crowded by fans but they were not that mosh people and seemed quite polite (kept saying sorry when they bumped into you).

Supporting were Metro Riot and The Young Knives, of course I like The Young Knives more, anyway, my aim was Dirty Pretty Things!!! (screaming)

They sang almost all the songs in Waterloo To Anywhere plus Death on the Stairs (oh my!) and I Get Along. The lads were all on top form and tight. Good band, good songs, good performance, why did I still feel something was missing? (I got the same feeling whenever I watch Babyshambles)

Acutually I quite enjoy seeing Anthony, ha, sharing cigarette with carl, resting his head on carl's shoulder, why the presence of Carl always made other men become a bit gay?

...hmm, my crap photos (excuse: it's hard to take the fotos when all people around were dancing, couldn't have a steady hand)

My only complaint: Carl becomes too chubby, clearly too much alcohol (or pies from annalisa)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

You can't avoid art

I'm so lucky that the Martin Kippenberger exhibition is still on at Tate Modern. He's kind of all-rounded man, painting, sculpture, decoration, commercial or what. He somehow played with kitsch but never fall for it, that's the point. He died at 44, genius tends to die young (so cliche).

Nara Yoshitomo, like Kippenberger, likes to make his art on whatever paper, like that of hotel stationery. I never expect I'll see his art in London, but hey, in the tube tunnel ..

I know it's silly but ...

Isn't it just silly to chase around the arcadian dream, though it's already fallen?

I saw two shadow men on the Vallance Road

Saw the same two men on the Cally road

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now my heart is full

Finally got to see Morrissey live. He's a semi-god to me, no joking. (i will die regrettably if I can't see Moz live in my life, can't forgive myself for betrayal of my semi-god just for babyshambles and that's the very wrong decision, Pete didn't show up!!!)

Time clearly leaves a belly to Moz

I was so chuffed to hear first of gang.., still ill and HOW SOON IS NOW!!! Everyone seems to be under the spellbound of Moz, especially during Life is the Pigsty, so beautiful and poignant, tears were about to shed, time to make me realize why I love this man for such a long time.... I was singing Now My Heart Is Full all the way home (well i mean hotel).

Monday, May 01, 2006

Come and chase the arcadian dream

Here the albion bliss,
arcadian dream

Those idiot from .org, WITM8

Yes it's all within expectation

Yes, Pete didn't turn up in Love Music Hate Racism as he was arrested just in the morning, nothing to say. Should I just blame him like every parents or just blind just like every sycophants/groupies/idiotic fangirls/fanboys... Anyway, pete said that it was not an injection, it's just taking some blood out to make art?! i want to give him the benefit of doubt (so i'm the idiotic fangirl).

LMHR without pete was still good, it's a sunny day (but still very chilling). Drew appeared alone to sing Albion, good lad.

Belle and Sebastian was absolutely fabulous, they sang the boy with arab strap!!! blue is still blue, another rainy day, white collar boy, like dylan in the movie, wow, was i in the dream? No babyshambles, but belle and sebastian made up all the loss!

Trafalgar is good indeed, no doubt so many people talked about them in the nasty org.