Monday, May 01, 2006

Yes it's all within expectation

Yes, Pete didn't turn up in Love Music Hate Racism as he was arrested just in the morning, nothing to say. Should I just blame him like every parents or just blind just like every sycophants/groupies/idiotic fangirls/fanboys... Anyway, pete said that it was not an injection, it's just taking some blood out to make art?! i want to give him the benefit of doubt (so i'm the idiotic fangirl).

LMHR without pete was still good, it's a sunny day (but still very chilling). Drew appeared alone to sing Albion, good lad.

Belle and Sebastian was absolutely fabulous, they sang the boy with arab strap!!! blue is still blue, another rainy day, white collar boy, like dylan in the movie, wow, was i in the dream? No babyshambles, but belle and sebastian made up all the loss!

Trafalgar is good indeed, no doubt so many people talked about them in the nasty org.

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