Tuesday, May 16, 2006


No offence really.

This word in fact I feel for myself rather than anybody else. I just feel utterly powerless to say ... what can I say? Series of question throwing at me, "What does arcadia mean?" "What? albion rooms?" "What A Waster, what is it about?" Tried to explain, I sounded like a mad woman in reciting what the lads had said, totally inarticulate and incoherent. Confronted with a pair of blank-eyes, I just thought "oh my, so do you know what the word LIBERTINE means? Please bring your dictionary, girl". Finding the right words, I said "it's not just about music, it's something about literature, poetry, liberty (gosh, I sound like a mad woman again)..." Those pair of blank-eyes just replied, "oh yes, it's about going loose then" ... shxt, I thought (as I was too polite to say it loud). "So what did he say to you?" Oh my, please don't mention it, I will be uncontrollable. "He was not talking, he was stealing, stealing my heart ..." Very idiotic, very fangirl-like, i know.

When I was asked to bring some of my collector items out for photo-taking, blank-eyes saw the magazine cover and shouted, "oh I recognise him, he's the junkie, junkie, junkie ..." Pissed off. I was tongue-tied to make any defence, "he is not what he looks like ...".

The title of the article is "I Am A Fangirl, So What!" with my up-the-middle-finger gesture.


ppp said...

"He was not talking, he was stealing, stealing my heart ..."
i so love this line, and i wanna say the same...

yeah, I Am A Fangirl, So What!

kittyshambles said...

He's sort of light-fingered, you know, but very polite and gentle. (who won't fall for him?) Tenderness is most violent, who said this? jean genet? or just invented by meself, can't remember, anyway i'm rambling non-sense.

ha ppp, fangirl roll call?

britple said...

we dont care cos we know the true meaning of being a libertine!