Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Be undressed ready my angels (oops, lady shouldn't say it)

It's a bit cloudy and chilling in Coventry. Fortunately my hotel was very close to the coach station and Colosseum. With my constant state in delirium, I didn't know how but yes I walked to the private area (which was supposed to be reserved for the family/friends of the bands) and even more strange was that nobody stopped me. Thanked for Lord's mercy arrangement, the fans were as "energetic" (well in fact i mean violent and mosh-loving) as those of Babyshambles (maybe that's because they are the same crowd), I watched them moshed from the fenced area, but later even the fenced area was also crowded by fans but they were not that mosh people and seemed quite polite (kept saying sorry when they bumped into you).

Supporting were Metro Riot and The Young Knives, of course I like The Young Knives more, anyway, my aim was Dirty Pretty Things!!! (screaming)

They sang almost all the songs in Waterloo To Anywhere plus Death on the Stairs (oh my!) and I Get Along. The lads were all on top form and tight. Good band, good songs, good performance, why did I still feel something was missing? (I got the same feeling whenever I watch Babyshambles)

Acutually I quite enjoy seeing Anthony, ha, sharing cigarette with carl, resting his head on carl's shoulder, why the presence of Carl always made other men become a bit gay?

...hmm, my crap photos (excuse: it's hard to take the fotos when all people around were dancing, couldn't have a steady hand)

My only complaint: Carl becomes too chubby, clearly too much alcohol (or pies from annalisa)


ppp said...

oh my......
when i watch over all your pics here and start to read the last few words before, i have the same idea: oh... carl is too chubby...
(and the same with the other part: "carl always made other men become a bit gay?"... mmmm....)

so, no "France" ? *cough*

anyway, still i'm a peter girl XD *partiality*
but glad you have a wonderful night!!!

kittyshambles said...

oh yes, there was France also, I'm sort of amnesia.

ha, who wouldn't fall for peter? Even my mum loves peter >_< (and she hates carl very much).

Vv said...

tmk, i think these photos are not that bad, they've shown a little bit improvement la, keep it on!!

kittyshambles said...

vv, your encouragement, ta.