Monday, May 29, 2006

Heaven and Hell

My mate Vv has recently publicised some of her works in a magazine. She has a gift for photography and painting and all other artisitc stuff. Seeing is believing:


Blythe is her adopted child

Just within my expectation. I was portrayed as an idiotic fangirl (or is it a fact that I refuse to admit myself?) I may (should) dismiss the whole caboodle as a joke. Still, I want to voice out some of my objection:

well, or should I be glad to be referred to as xxx at this age?

hey, I swear I've never gloated. I hate to be called like this. kittyshambles is known to be meek and humble (in fact neither do I like to be meek and humble, what am I?)

..huh?! i don't like to name him as a so-called super star, if he becomes a "super star", I will definitely stop loving him.

The term 第二最愛 makes me goose-skin. That's very wrong, from the beginning I made myself clear that both of these men are important to The Libertines and I respect both of them. Did I keep talking one of them so I must be crazy about that one? (yes you are...)

"these two cold fingers, these crooked fingers I show"
This is very creepy & rude to point to these 2 gentlemen like this, did I do it? I was told to show who were the chaps I rambled about, and so I made this idiotic gesture...


galaxy said...


Vv said...


ppp said...

ohoh...我猜那"限量七吋黑膠"是what katie did ? :p

kittyshambles said...

galaxy and vv, haha, I don't take it seriously, just say, "Rubbish".

ppp, yes, that's What Katie Did.

McMinMin said...

woo, 勁啦, 上晒雜誌..明日法律界之星(唔怪得打極電話都飛晒線啦).....繼謝偉俊之後, 又一法律女超人...才女, 真係才女.....

kittyshambles said...

Ms Pretty 我真係怕了你呀,什麼超人、才女,看到令人倒胃,我已不是法律界,除了我還可以投吳藹儀一票。