Friday, January 27, 2012

Break it down and then break it up again

should i give in?

Yuck @ Hang Out, Hong Kong 26.01.2012

Oh, that was the guitars sound that I missed so much. The sound that transcended you to a little sublime noise heaven. The sound that made you shaking your head and body automatically and uncontrollably. When I looked around, not many were electrified like me, they all seemed enjoying the music (calmly), but who cares? Though Daniel Blumberg looked very stoned and spaced-out, he still managed to give us a very good show, or it was due to his intoxication that he could deliver that special sense of oblivion to the audience. There was a few magical "my-bloody-valentine" moments, especially for the last song Rubber, waves of white noise, flashes of white light, we were all blinded and stunned by the music and we realized, "Yes, I give in".

Friday, January 20, 2012

tick tick tick...

It is to dedicate to the ones who have difficulty in social interaction, especially for those who are shy and reserved but at the same time with a big me me me ego. That's my excuse for my usual silence and the awful awkwardness in any kind of social gathering with more than three persons.

yes, I'm doodling here and talking nonsense again as I'm waiting for the clock to strike six, no working mood, just waiting for the little holidays (and the lunar new year, that means, there will be many more social gatherings to come, oh my)