Friday, January 27, 2012

Break it down and then break it up again

should i give in?

Yuck @ Hang Out, Hong Kong 26.01.2012

Oh, that was the guitars sound that I missed so much. The sound that transcended you to a little sublime noise heaven. The sound that made you shaking your head and body automatically and uncontrollably. When I looked around, not many were electrified like me, they all seemed enjoying the music (calmly), but who cares? Though Daniel Blumberg looked very stoned and spaced-out, he still managed to give us a very good show, or it was due to his intoxication that he could deliver that special sense of oblivion to the audience. There was a few magical "my-bloody-valentine" moments, especially for the last song Rubber, waves of white noise, flashes of white light, we were all blinded and stunned by the music and we realized, "Yes, I give in".


Eva said...

hi kittyshanbles, cool blog. I was at yuck as well.

kittyshambles said...

Thanks Eva and Yuck's gig was so brilliant! Just clicked to your flickr, your photos are real cool~

Shockgrubz said...

I wish I could have been there. Cool blog.