Monday, April 07, 2008


『快樂,不快樂。好像愛我,不愛我。他拿起一枝花,一面拔掉花瓣,一面在說「快樂,不快樂」。他是一個快樂的人,他也是一個不快樂的人 ... 他對他說,他不快樂。因為他的慾望太多,不能滿足,甚麼都是有點不足夠 ... 他的快樂是很快的,喝一杯紅酒很快樂,那一個Moment很快樂,但三分鐘之後,快樂就消失了 ... 雙子座和雙魚座的人通常的快樂,都是很快快樂,很快便不快樂。他們兩個雙子和雙魚,一問一答,一答一問,在討論快樂。』

- 《好風如水》胡恩威

I just love these passages, for obvious reason (someone is so idle for sure).


ppp said...

such a coincidence! hey :p
(sometimes reading somethings also made me thought about "that couple".. ha, and never felt bored.)

and suddenly these lines you put on that makes me recall someone's old msg:
"For a peaceful man you are extremely volatile. In fact, your peace comes only after conflict, til it fades and needs re-touching with further conflict..."

kittyshambles said...

we have drowned into the swirl of this strange couple for a long time, so we see everything under their shadows (yeah, not a bad thing). Not only they become the representatives (代言人)of their zodiac sign, trilby, rosary, striped tee all becomes special since the touch of magic by the likely lads. That is an obsession indeed.

galaxy said...

所以我好少用這個詞去祝福人, 除了新年快樂及聖誕快樂外 !

kittyshambles said...

咁不如祝人永樂啦,但人類就是這樣矛盾,如果永遠快樂,就會不覺得這是樂事,會take it for granted, 是routine而已,所以人類真係好煩。

Anonymous said...

唔知我係咪冇慧根去理解個中什2道理, 好似睇唔明果段野... 死啦, 英文又睇唔明, 中文又睇唔明.... 原來... 我真係一個文盲!! dada

Anonymous said...

不過, 我好贊同你o家講法... 人就係麻煩o家東西.... 每每都唔識得珍惜依家擁有o家野, 以為routine o家野, 就係理想當然, 並唔係一件"樂事", 但... 當一切都已經改變咗o家時候..... 剩低o家只有"不快樂"長伴自己..... dada

kittyshambles said...

dada,妳的憂鬱症還未退去? Since sometime ago you seem to have changed a bit, that must be something about your 上昇星座, let me check.

Anonymous said...

dada 突然好感性! 咩事?

我係少少嘢都令我覺得好快樂嘅人, 雖然又會因小事而唔快樂, 但學識咗好快忘記d 唔快樂嘅嘢, 既然快樂同唔快樂都係咁過, 點解唔快樂d 過呢! 唔好搵自己笨呀嘛!! vv