Monday, April 10, 2006

My sweet melancholy - Sigur Ros Live in Hong Kong 7 April 2006

Absolutely lost in the sheer beauty.

Or is it strange for me to find melancholy so uplifting?

Opened by Glosoli, the show was a series of angelic conversation. My mind wandered with the bleeding crimson, dived deep in the quiet ocean, lost in the forest, drowned in the memory of childhood, bathed in the tendered sunlight, poetry or music? Who needs to distinguish?

Never understand any "Hopelandic", never even remember the exact title of songs. It all doesn't matter. You are free to interpret. I couldn't help shedding tears in face of such breathtaking beauty and strength. From tranquility to hysteria, I was stunned in the uncontrolled emotions and hallucinations. Was it a fall from grace of every human being - from Paradise to the East of Eden?

Jonsi played his guitar with a cello bow

All other joys to this are folly
None so sweet as melancholy.


McMinMin said...

睇完你編日記, 我只可以用"Sense and Sensibility"來形容你. 點解? 我哋可以從兩個層面嚟講, 你在工作ge單位係一位十分出色ge專業人士, 做任何決定or做乜都要好理性....至於係你內心深處就充滿著感性, 你竟然比週遭ge藝術氣氛引發眼淚...單直係美絕......我諗我以後叫你做憂鬱ge詩人, 你用d字....可以靚成咁...查半個鐘字典都係值得....

kittyshambles said...

哈憂鬱詩人咁緊要?No no, 憂鬱可能,詩人就未夠斑,Probably not everyone can play guitar but pretty sure everyone can write poetry, 期待浪漫派的雙魚座Ms Pretty嘅寫作呀

The Great Swifty said...

Yeah, well said. I was at a loss on how to describe my experience during their concert in Perth two nights ago. It was simply mindblowing. Entirely different from their records, seriously.

kittyshambles said...

Hi the great swiftly, yes I know what you mean, I was totally stunned in the music, the lighting and the atmosphere.

Vv said...

我好背, 唔識佢地喎!!