Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Picnic by the motorway, not

Taking the de botton's lesson again in the time of broke, let's go to the lavender garden near my home!

Well my home is actually very close to the border, I think it only takes about 30 minutes to Shenzhen, much closer than my office in Central. Anyone who knows me well must feel sad for me - for I've got a serious phobia for the middle kingdom (ok no political talk here). Don't feel bad for me, cos' the proximity to the border has no relation to the "feel" of this place. Comparatively speaking, it is one of the sparsely populated area in Hong Kong, which i feel so great as an autistic person. With assistance of a little bit imagination, I have a little tour to the lavender field in Hokkaido or even Provence (Paranoia!)

something looked like lavender

drowning bee
a bee drowned in the flower

lazy kitty
idling all the day, so u want to be a cat or a human being?


Vv said...

d 相影得好靚 ^_^

kittyshambles said...

wow, my Photo Master praised me!!! I have so much to learn from you! (please teach me how to take photo in concert)

galaxy said...

咁返工咪要成兩個鐘 ?!

kittyshambles said...

咁又無兩個鐘咁誇張,KCR & MTR 都好有效率,一個鐘多少少啦

Vv said...

咪玩啦, 我都好屎咋!!