Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Busy without cause

Isn't that we call it 無事忙? My chinese is so bad that I may misunderstand the true meaning.

Busy for family issue, i'm not going to let all to see the wounds here but i do feel tired and sometimes disgusting, i want to disappear in somewhere unknown (but then i will be very irresponsible, u know, blood is fucking thicker than water so and so).

I was thinking about money recently. I am the person who is indifferent to it (am I being pretentious or ignorant to the fact) anyway that's what I think what I am but my stand was being challenged and ...

Yes, I am looking for a new job with better pay. Actually I do not know what is the standard "price" for a lawyer. "Your request is too low, you can request the double of your salary" haha, is it true or what? That's come from one of those big corporation... but i really do not like their attitude of "make your office as your battlefield everyday". used to be lazy and mediocre, I think I should be content with living in poverty while being lazy.

Routine work:
It's not a bad job(?), i think some people may even love my job, if you are a canton-pop lover. Licensee meeting, greetings and awards-giving, the chick of my department kept urging me to take photos of justin and leon koo, phew~ I'd rather shooting the cute birds.

Girl J(2)

Girl J(1)

Girl F

Band Z (let's clap for Vocals Chou for his having a red tonic, actually feel shit about it - no! I believe I'm the first to have it in Hong Kong, i've never wore it, now everyone have it, i know i'm idiotic to think this way)


Vv said...

你搵吓啦, 其實都有d 工係高paid 但not much work to do. 一齊努力 ^_^

kittyshambles said...

To Ming V, we have to play ball game again, add oil!