Sunday, February 04, 2007

give me more MAdnEss

sO eNougH meDIA hYpe for KLAXONS. bUT i must say HOw i adore their offical dEbTe album. "*** MyThS*** is SITTing On The BIG chAIr aT NumBEr ///////// O.N.E" it's not R,i,D,i,C,u.l.O,u.s at all. t
urn the volume to the maximum, finding tranquility in the sheer frenzy

klaxons - Myths of the Near Future


britple said...

oh may be i should give 'em a try? watched them at leeds fest but all i saw was crazy crowds with not really impressive music...

kittyshambles said...

yes i really like those guitar + dance music at the mo, like that of robots in disguise and xerox teens, but "Behold here's poison and here's gold" - so i say no more if this album is good or not, there's a link you may try (if it hasn't expired)

Funny is, whenever i listen to the album, i just imagine how i will "dance like nobody's watching" if i go to see their gig, so i probably will be those annoying crazy f__ker around you in leeds ^o^