Friday, January 06, 2006


It's still the first week of 2006 so it is not too late for me write something about new year resolution. Looking back, (surprisingly) I've fulfilled much of the new year resolution of 2005, they are:
1. To find a new job
2. To read more books
3. To save more money without reducing my enjoyment of life

"I was looking for a job and I found a job", ha, don't sing the following line, I really don't want to be as unluck as Morrissey. So, I've changed the job and Madam To Ming just asked the same old question today. What can I say? Am I the ever-whining soul? Am I lacking the essential working spirit and capacity? Or it is true that this job nature is not so suitable for me? (Yes. The firm name having "music" element is actually nothing to do with music!!!) New year resolution of 2006, well, yes, still
3. To read more book,
2. To save money without reducing any fun of life
1. change job? I feel confused.

Other resolution:
Pick up guitar (oops, I hardly remember how to play it)
Update my web (yeah, inspiration, where have u gone?)


Vv said...

TMK, it's good to see that you've fullfilled your resolution for last year. We'll never know the road ahead of us. Just seize any opportunity when it appears. Good luck!

Miss Pretty said...

if you really feel bad, just resign you are a professional laywer, and full of education. It is easy to find a job outside with higher pay and more benefit. It seems everything goes very well in the year of 2006, hopefully your luck is always be with you. GOOD LUCK TOO!