Tuesday, January 10, 2006

cliche no.2

I once mentioned to Secret J to have my own so-called best of xxx 2005 chart but u know it's so cliche and more importantly, it's already the 2nd week of 2006, it's so bloody delayed. The problem in composing such My Most Favourite albums of 2005 is that I haven't bought many cds in 2005. It's so strange. When I was much younger, I bought loads of cd albeit my financial strait. Maybe that's because I'm older now (my heart, colder). No!!! Anyway, I intended to complete this cliche, so I will say:
My most favourite cds in 2005 are:
1. The Rakes - Capture/Release
2. Babyshambles - Down In Albion
3. Black Wire - Black Wire

The Rakes are not "just another hyped-up indie boys band". Capture/Release is intense and bleak. Their lyrics relate much to my suicidal working/office life, I like it. It also reminds me of my horrowshow experience in Amsterdam, the sound of this album turned into something African, you know the state I was in.

Down In Albion. What can I say. Most of the tracks are "taken" from the Babyshambles Sessions (without any credit to Carlos)! Listening to those beautiful songs in Babyshambles Sessions were being twisted! I know Pete tried hard to turn a new page of his life, forming a new band with different style. I know I am biased. I can never be fair to Babyshambles. The new Stix & Stones is just boring. Having said that, I like the new version of killamangiro and albion. Of course I can't resist the anthemic Fuck Forever.

I also like The Cribs' The New Fellas when I downloaded it, but it's become boring when I bought the official copy (so the lesson is: don't buy official release, ha!)

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