Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sweet melon

Sweet maiden sips the tea and shows me her melon
shoelace fastened she no longer affords a free fall stumble
for a very long time.
Sit up, heave up, straighten up
your joy I shall never fathom
glancing the paper in the corner
"Clap hands and say yeah"
For your courage and commitment.

I've just been informed by my friend that she was pregnant. Brave girl. She's a bit mental, ...hmm, but I think she will be a good mother (because she is a cancer girl).


Vv said...

a brave girl.....
I think the baby will help her grow up...a bit...a little bit...I hope...hmm...

kittyshambles said...

Yes, cos' she likes stomping around, we all are afraid of her...