Thursday, May 05, 2011

In rainbows

In rainbow

In rainbow

that hide and seek
lost and found
I ask myself:
when will I give up?
The cherry blossoms
or sour whisky
My memory faded
or I just invented it
Ephemeral - ethereal
Fleeting - fleeing
yes, there's nothing to grasp
and my life is wasted away.

but chinaski said,
some lives were made to be


britple said...

wow someone already trips along in arcady!!

btw, will you watch ariel pink? i think i was double booked that day (though still waiting for tix for the other show), if you need it, i can pass it to you.

kittyshambles said...

someone just mentally trips along in arcady, i'm still sitting in office, hi (waving hand).

i also booked the tix of ariel pink wor, maybe u can "yellow cow" it? what other show on that day?

britple said...

i see i see.. "yellow cow" is very "ma fan" and this show is not sold out, think it's hard to sell it. the other show is Sufjan Stevens, still struggling.