Friday, July 06, 2007

keeping away the blue you know how hard i am trying

been a busy bee whole day. no time or mood for words playing.
i'm sailing away today.


Anonymous said...

oh, 差 d miss 咗你的暗示tim (其實係明示), enjoy!! let's have lunch with all TM on Wed, July 18!! VV

galaxy said...

咦.....我好似叫TMG播.......sorry 勒我黎唔到....嘿嘿

Anonymous said...

好一個tmg, welcome to our 道明集團 (To Ming Group), 哈哈!! vv

tmk, 幾時reply 呀你, 等你呀!!

kittyshambles said...

yo yo, i don't know To Ming Group got so many communication! OK let's have lunch on 18 July, what a pity TMG can't join us, ha!

dada said...

haha, ok , then lunch on wed la.... tmv, where we go this time?
e... 經道明集團主席帶領之後,道明集團成功加入咗新成員.... tmg welcome!!

Anonymous said...

TMK 主席好利害, 人不在但都招收到新會員, 好堅!!

tmk 主席, 我會 book 皇廷滙下面間西餐, 到時見啦 (唔知有冇手信呢? hehe, dusty 手信都唔區 ^_^)