Thursday, July 26, 2007

in oblivion, i walked to your door, everytime

Dirty Pretty Things @ Hackney Empire 14.07.07

a glimpse a click, i met carlos and his boys again. ask me why? i really have no idea. maybe i was stuck in the same cubicle for too long. maybe i was tired of waiting. should have scheduled the end of the year, but ... if not now, may even come to naught. for i am not able to have any future plan - for tomorrow, next month, not to say the year-end (and now i see my peter balloon flying away and disappear from my eyes).

victoria line was suspended, i had to walk from bethnal green to hackney, i supposed it's a short walk but it turned out to be endless. luckily the sky was still sunny at 9 pm. the venue got a very ridiculous massive name outside and to my relief, inside was not that rubbish. it's even sort of elegant!

starry night
see the stars above my head

starry stage
and the stars shining ahead

numerous supporting acts, unimpressive except the fay wrays and lisa moorish, not that their music was better, just because of their connection that i would pay special attention to them. i never saw their live performance, both girls were a bit trying too hard... and hey, their sets were performed in the lower balcony, it's gimmicky but people at the upper balcony was actually impossible to see the performance, feel sorry for them.

lucie of the fay wrayslisa moorish
families of the albioncrew

the intervals of canadian comedians were the most embarrassing performance i've ever seen, no one appreciated their jokes, they're horrible! (who brought them to the list?)

glasvegas .. they're alright for their music though a bit obsolete, all dpt fans tolerate them a bit though they're tolerable, but hope mcgee won't be so hard-sell anymore.

the paddingtons, the atmosphere turned better. people all rushed to the stage, yes, that's the beginning of the night.

josh what are you up to
so why so gay? no wonder he was chosen to help dpt

finally it's dirty pretty things, perhaps people had been waited for too long, we all jumped up and went crazy when chinese dog was played. carl looked quite wasted (because he would only make himself nice & pretty when peter was around). albeit my discontent about his look, that's the best dpt gig i've seen. it's the first time i saw carl really enjoy his time on stage since the libertines. no more painful or frustrated look (yes, i do think he looked grave and painful in the early stage of dpt), i even think he smiled a lot. all songs were played with extreme speed (that's the reason why he looked so wasted after a line of...) again, he used a strip to hide his libertine tatoo, i don't want to find out the reason behind. then came the special guest adam green (yeah!), he's so funny, said the next song was who's got the crack, of course those on stage wouldn't listen to him. the show ended with the ritual i get along, with tom paddingtons and the glasvegas together (and carl took off his clothes, that's the WHOLE point for i get along!!) a complete and satisfactory night!

not quite, once it's finished, i left to catch the night bus (hey it's hackney, don't stay too late), but oh no, i hate myself, i hate to find out later that there was an aftershow in the street, i should have stayed for a while, wandered aimlessly in the street, eyes staring to any door/windows to backstage, i should have re-lived my idiotic fangirl days.

carl please shaved
carl, please change your hair style

adam stan and carl
adam, stan and carl


ppp said...

oh dear... i'm jealous... :D
don't know when i could wander in london again...

kittyshambles said...

don't be jealous, i think i'll have a while that will not leave hong kong, so me too have to say " don't know when i could wander in london again..."