Friday, July 20, 2007

I don't need a reason (cos' I have none)

the ambassadors
A nice surprise to see The Ambassadors in Berwick Street

To breathe, relax, see gigs ... bunch of reasons that i can say but actually i don't need. This is purely impulsive, no thought and no plan. Probably in one of those long and boring office days (which makes people quite insane) with a single click of internet. My financial state remains in dire straits and may even jeopardise the plan in the year end. don't know/care.

This mirth is intolerable, but it is useless to resist. The demon has invaded you.

Climb to the top of Sacre Coeur - a bit challenging


galaxy said...

從你的相看, 有種孤獨及荒涼感覺, 大慨取景時街上沒有行人所致,你又遇到陰天, 相中好少陽光, 唯一隱若見到陽光的是那幅從室內影出Balcony街外的相。

britple said...

oh girl....... it's great!!! i think my financial state & yr end plan are "colder than water" !

kittyshambles said...

galaxy: 相片就是攝影者眼中的世界,亦即是本人眼中的世界充滿孤獨及荒涼,以為自己已過了憂鬱症年齡,但原來病情没減反加深了。berwick street那張天也很晴,只是早上11時倫敦街頭仍很靜。

britple: yes, same here, that's really a problem, i was already blamed for my irrationality.

Anonymous said...

TMK 影鐵塔呢張, 角度很特別呢!! 很有創意呀!! 我又要再去呀, 冇上到 top of sacre coeur >_< vv

kittyshambles said...

TMV 現在已找到終生職業,薪金及假期仲...哈..哈..哈..隨時可以起行la