Sunday, October 10, 2010

Because all things will change and as your God explains, we live again

Brett Anderson Live @ HITEC Hong Kong, 1.10.2010

still a diva

I just want to say, I love that evening very much. No suede song. Great that Brett finally made an unequivocal stance that he has moved on, with elegance and grace, without shedding any excitement. Many ex-suede lovers, now the suede/brett-haters (the change was due to their belief that the man is living in the past while they've improved), please hear the songs and watch the man before bestowal of your precious criticism. He is still the diva, twisted and danced like the old days, or transcended us to the sublime different place, or, with the sedative guitar sounds, prayed with us in a mysterious occult, collective delirium.


ppp said...

still get no time to write down my feeling about that night but yes, i love that night very much!!!
and glad to meet u again as well, as always :D

kittyshambles said...

ppp I'm also glad to have seen you again, though we didn't have much time for meeting in the gig ;p

Anonymous said...

Died hard fan for Brett, i am envy that u will c Suede in may 2011!

kittyshambles said...

u forgot brett ages ago and opt for siu chu, what a bad move.