Tuesday, September 28, 2010

when she wakes up in the morning

I didn't eat or drink or even go to toilet for the whole sunday (not too good for one's health), just to stitch this word on the spine of the book. I'm glad i made it, though frankly, i hardly believe in this word anymore. I have a pocketful of its broken pieces, and i seldom touch them, they hurt.

when she wakes up in the morning


galaxy said...

is it "DREAM" ?
No dream->No hope->No thrust->No life
if you let go, the broken pieces won't hurt anymore.

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

galaxy said...

btw, you got talent to make such traditional books.

kittyshambles said...

haha, thanks galaxy, no talent required, just a bit patience.

yes, dream is important, i will try hard to control my cynical trait.

Vv said...

Good one!