Tuesday, October 19, 2010

not a book of revelation

Oh he can write! It's definitely an interesting read, though there are too many vocabularies (my poor english) and pseudonyms. It's funny to read between lines and found the unintentional (but actually very obvious) explanation about the life with peter. He wanted to point out that they only lived under the same roof, but not the same room. He did not share the grand brass bed. The co-bank account was only for work purpose. So what we've read before is false or we are all just too imaginative.

Not relevant to his book, but I just found it's so beautiful and I want to put it on my blog. History.

nicked from someone else's blog, can't even remember where so i can't give credit, sorry.

oh the book turns gloomy, actually there's nothing new, salute to the writer.


ppp said...


讀這本書比我想像的有趣(oh...可能我總是喜歡欺負某人), 他的世界/視界、奇怪的念頭與偏執, 並且常常講到一半岔題到別地方接著又繞回來...寫書的某人出乎我意料的誠實, 並且很巧妙的只說自己的部份...

如你所說, 讀過之後也覺得, 那個"the other someone"彷彿只是生命中某個階段的夥伴, 那樣的情止乎禮讓人有點悵然若失...XD (當然, 他只選擇他想說的, 所以也並不令人意外就是了:p)

kittyshambles said...

haha, on the contrary, i don't find him honest at all ;p but yeah, he's quite frank about his insecurity and even embarrassment (haha). When i read it, i almost felt like he's actually talking (too fast, too many things wanted to express in a moment and so it turned out to be a mumble), he just always digressed!
oh we are all "悵然若失", what an exact description! I think it may not only be our feeling, PD may feel the same. (he always mentioned about his / peter's girlfriends or how they bagged their female fans, it's so deliberate, that's a clear declaration of his/their sexuality ;p ok, i'm a conspiracist)