Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Charlie is my friend


Of course that person probably is me. Whinge and wince, the thing I told myself not to do, that's the privilege of youth.

Stumbled around other blogs, I found this out:

Hey, I don't have the real thing, can I have the fake?


galaxy said...

係咪真材實料黎家 ?
邊個國家呀 ? 金三角乎 ?

kittyshambles said...

That's from USA!!! It's the Liquid Cocaine!!! It's the energy drink, something like Redbull, but claims to be much more stronger so I don't know if people can also get high by it. Maybe you can find it in Canada ;) Try it and tell me!!! Here's the link:

galaxy said...

gimmick, gimmick !
只是濃度比較高出多倍的energy drink,
high 就應該唔會, 但會不自覺地上癮, 跟可樂或其他energy drink一樣, 心思思成日想飲。

一些健康雜誌講,一般energy drink其實不是很健康, 它們只短時間內boost up你的體能,之後你還是加倍疲勞, 而且多數都是糖分高的飲品。

kittyshambles said...

但這些energy drink真是很神奇,有次到日本Fuji Rock Festival,因沒有訂營地票,整晚要在山頭野嶺到處遊蕩,第二日超殘,但喝了後,真係feel到成個人醒晒,懷疑有興奮劑。

galaxy said...

at least they have caffein ahma!