Saturday, October 21, 2006

Very entertaining indeed

The performance of Maywa Denki was better than my expectation. Actually I didn't know much about them, just my cousin kept telling me that she got some great seats with discounted price, ok, gave it a try. Just like what the supervisor(社長)said, Maywa Denki was a famous japanese brand like that of sony, panasonic and "micosoft". All their music was played by their electronic "products" which were very dangerous with 100 voltage of electricity. Of course that was only the gag. Nevermind if the music was good or not, it was very entertaining and funny. I felt like I have not had such belly laugh for a long time. I really appreciate the creativity as well as the business talent of Japanese. Very often, people are either creative but fail in the commercial world, or they earn a lot as the business genius but got no creative mind. Maywa Denki seems to manage both. I look at their little gadgets and toys, it's hard not to buy them (if I see them selling in the market).


Knock Man Family

This part was very funny (if you're a japanese animation fan like me):
1980's : 機動戰士
1990's : 新世紀福音戰士
2000's :

後記: owing to this Maywa Denki, met ppp again, nice meeting!!


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個黑色人仔幾得意, 係咪喺度玩緊呼拉圈??

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