Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Review of being a crap tour guide

In addition to all the passion and frustration, imagination and association, elation and depression, what does music bring to you? An empty purse? Stacks of cds and vinyls which your matchbox home is no longer able to contain? All is true to me. By the way, it gives me a bunch of friends who I would have never known but for my love of particular music/band/sound. I met some of them through internet or gigs, some still keep in touch, some are lost. I catagoise them according to the name of band like "my suede friends", "my manics friends", "my libertines friends" and so on. R and A are my suede friends from the Netherlands. I came to know them 10+ years ago (gosh, disclose my age) through the website of R (and A is his girlfriend). Of course that was the heyday of suede. My first visit to R & A in amsterdam was a disaster cos' I could hardly communicate under the influence of whatsoever. Those were the days. We are somewhat sober, older (sadly) and wiser (hopefully). R & A are now professionals flying around to attend conference (shit, I'm still fucking around) and that's why I met them again in Hong Kong. This was my turn to be their tour guide and this was also the time that I realise how I scarcely know this place. I even did not know how to go to the Peak Tram terminal! I have so much to learn from Alain de Botton - one should start his travel in his own bedroom. I started my travel in my hometown. It's interesting to find out how mountainous Hong Kong is (as exclaimed by my lowland friends). Hey, there is a waterfall at the Peak (I've never paid any attention to it):

Seeing everything as if I've never seen it before, making preparation, going through expectation and anticipation. Life should be much easier and happier if you hynotise yourself as a traveller everyday. Travelling is rather a state of mind. I know the key to this fun, it's a pity that I can't have this light-hearted feeling right now.


Vv said...

can't imagine k becomes tour guide, so great!! Agreed that it's more fun and relaxing to hynotise ourself as traveller everyday......hope everything will be fine for u!!

kamlibertine said...

Europe is our playground, hong kong is our town!
manhorse is good at touring your friends around!
With my blessing to your dad!

galaxy said...

如果試用另一個身份去觀察身邊每一樣人和事, 你都會有好多新的發現, 驚嘆原來自己走漏了眼。

kittyshambles said...

Vv,I'm a crap tour guide, I'd rather to be a tourist like Vv always flying around than a tour guide like me who's stuck in HK. Thanks for your regards.

kamlibertine, also thanks for your regards. How i want to say "london is our town.."

galaxy, ha, your words made me think of Proust's In Search of Lost Time, we are all the conception and prejudice of other people, our past is not necessarily real, it just exists in our own intellect (what am i saying?)