Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shop Shock

I don't know if the shop called "Beat"(節拍) at the old Hollywood Plaza in Mongkok still exists or not (cos I seldom hang around Mongkok now). Anyone who is above N years old would know the horrid experience of shopping in this shop. There was an old woman pushing you out of the shop, saying that you were not a likely customer and shouldn't stay in the shop. I recall this experience cos the shop ________ is exactly the same. I'm fortunate enough to be approved and regarded as the real customer so that's not my experience. I'm just an onlooker to the those poor innocent boys/real guilty "unqualified" who were rejected to enter the shop. That is the principle of owner - to sell the product to the real music lover. Some may not agree with the owner's idea, anyway. I was asked to write something about it (of course the positive opinion). My friend exclaimed, "so you're going to praise this crazy policy?" It doesn't matter cos Sagittarian likes to bullshit around (no, i mean to make everyone happy). I will not write the propaganda stuff here. Just to show some of the product of the shop. They are quite impressive, so maybe you have to take the risk (of being rejected ^0^).

bowie t


new order t

New Order & Unknown Pleasure

jd t

Love Will Tear Us Apart

derek t

Derek Jarman's Jubilee

smiths t

Marr & Morrissey, Big Mouth Strikes Again

suede t

Metal Mickey

blondie t


cowboy t
Vivien Westwood's gay cowboys (once was worn by Johnny Rotten)
I have never worn this Tee out. I can't wear it, my mum will jump around and scold me for buying this Tee.


kamlibertine said...

I love gay cowboy cool t shirt!
The shopkeeper must be really cool!

kittyshambles said...

Ha, so you may go there to feel if she's cool or not .... if she allows you to enter the shop!

and she hates all mcb group, mongkok group (competitor the panic shop), chi chung group... you have to hide your identity, haha.

galaxy said...

今年年頭我去過節拍,那時仲未孰,而家就唔知 !
節拍在樂迷圈曾經係legend, 賣好多冷熱CD !
我以前去自出自入, 從未試過有人干涉趕我走 !
乜野叫mcb ?
有沒有聽過鴨寮街亞Paul ? 他亦曾是黑膠碟的legend ! 哎呀, 年紀大, 所以成日講以前的legend, 膩呢 !

kittyshambles said...

ha, 你未被阿婆趕走,一定你貌似真正顧客,我就擺明搞搞震無幫襯。我沒去過鴨寮街,好似有太多阿伯wor...(近北河街南昌街,會否有很多prostitutes?)

mcb 是音樂殖民地雜誌,現已停刊。So-called另類音樂指標wor...


galaxy said...

我都曾是mcb粉絲, 我以前亦都常去他們在尖沙咀的shop買T-Shirt !

"(近北河街南昌街,會否有很多prostitutes?)" , 你叫我答唔答你好呢, hehehe.....我好似唔係好清楚喎.....哈!

Vv said...

哎呀, 我唔係樂隊粉絲, 所以完全搭唔到爹, 只可以講一句, tmk d t shirt 好yeah, 好特別, 唔錯!!

kittyshambles said...

Vv 的Tee仲型,記得以前Fri & Sat, Vv的裝扮未有重覆過...

galaxy, haha,咁你就算知道那裡的情況亦不代表些什麼...

Vv said...

TMK, 又試比你激壞, 從不重複嗰個好似係你喎, dada, 你話係唔係呀?

oh, dada 又去咗飛車......... E_E

dada said...

仲咩突然燒到去我度?? 我又唔係樂隊粉絲, 又唔鍾意買t-shirt, 我真係搭唔到爹woo.... hehehe, 近排愛上飛車??!! 不如你地....