Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Lust of the Libertine

The Lust of the Libertine
Is really quite lame.

Lustful, promiscuous and intoxicated, that is all I suppose what a libertine is. Poetic, talented and bohemian, the A Must quality for a libertine. John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester, is the second-rate libertine in the film. Lustful, promiscuous and intoxicated he was, I wouldn't blame him for that. To be a libertine, we all expect he/she a bit irresponsible and hedonistic, but that's because he/she yearns for the lust for life (mind you, i mean the lust for life, not the lust of life), to explore the deepest sensation, experience every passion - to get the most feeling of your life. The film did not quite manage to portray the Earl as the libertine in my mind. (P.S. of course this is not the fault of Mr Depp, he is always brilliant and charming)


britple said...

i love this film quite a lot, just touches me somewhere

galaxy said...


updates :
原來John Depp個老婆係以前十四歲時唱Joe Le Taxi而紅的Vanessa Paradis !! 估唔到!

你個偶像Jamie Oliver剛剛得了英女皇比MBE佢

kittyshambles said...

britple, it's great that you love the movie. My heart becomes a stone that nothing moves me. My heart has not been touched for a long time and I long for something that moves me (shxt, that's the words of John Wilmot)

galaxy, yes, that French girl (now a woman) is his wife, I remember that gave a great blow to Kate Moss cos Moss was so close to Johnny at that time, but Mr Depp was such a responsible man ...
Ha, Jamie got MBA? good for him, still haven't visited his restaurant.

galaxy said...

M-B-E, not MBA,
Honestly, Any English living overseas got accomplishment, The Queen/England will give them MBE (the entry level) to show the world that England has the credit .
好似Rolling Stone,John Lennon, Paul McCartney等歌手,他們的成就很高及受世人的推崇,但都移民左美國,效忠美國啦,英國都要硬比MBE或以上的他們, 來滔一點光, 講真,那些成功的人跟本不需要那些MBE,OBE等乜乜物物, 只是覺得有好過無。

kittyshambles said...

哈,又會咁烏龍寫了MBA,無可能,我最沒興趣這類學位,其實這篇文章都有不少手文之誤,心不在焉。哈,我又不敢肯定受頒發MBE的一干人等之心態,可能他們非常受落,可以被人Sir 前Sir 後,好似Sir Paul McCartney ,或曾生未做特首時,亦以Sir自居。